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FINALLY! I believe I have gotten to the bottom of the invalid session and logout issues. Please continue to report your own experience in the appropriate threads in the "Forum Discussion and Requests" subforum. Thank you all for your patience and support! <3

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Sticky Topics
No new posts Sticky: RackPlanner 1.3 203 20940
No new posts Sticky: Module Library & Module Maker for Rack Planner 50 11300
No new posts Sticky: Squiggletronics RackPlanner Library - API information 6 947
No new posts Sticky: Schemas 23 3316
No new posts Feature request: Drag & drop between instances 2 1006
No new posts Welcome to the RackPlanner forum! 3 1812
No new posts problem downloading BugBrand library 6 903
No new posts saving jpeg on mac 4 939
No new posts PatchPad - module reference / patch editor / panel mapper 11 1704
No new posts RackPlannerAndroid 14 2051
No new posts Why not 'merge' all these planners? 41 4419
No new posts Download all euro modules 4 1385
No new posts annoying planner error, canĀ“t delete modules, help! 7 1081
No new posts Module Library - Want to help out? 20 3038
No new posts Module Library & Module Maker - Next Generation? 8 1229
No new posts Serge (STS) RackPlanner 1 856
No new posts Old Blacet Modules 2 1180
No new posts Rack Planner does Buchla 15 2741
No new posts NoClassDefFoundError with OpenJRE (Ubuntu) 4 1627
No new posts Rack Planner does Modcan B 30 4832
No new posts RACK-O-MATIC on ModuleMaker for RackPlanner 2 1110
No new posts Weird effect running RackPlanner on Mac 6 1282
No new posts Rack Planner does Eardrill Module Module 6 1301
No new posts Encore Frequency Shifter 0 1022
No new posts Bug: Showstopper problem with latest Mac Java version? 1 865
No new posts euro150_HP.jpg (for euro Monorocket-Lexington) 4 1117
No new posts Bug: When a module ZIP cannot be found ... 0 784
No new posts Feature request: Multiple selections in the file browser 1 875
No new posts Rack Planner Does Wiard 0 893
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