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Modular Synth General Discussion
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No new posts Sticky: N00bies, spend some time here!!! Very helpful. 574 69427
No new posts Sticky: Newb looking for 'Patching for dummies' kind of thing 142 45896
No new posts Sticky: Post pics of your modular/studio setup! 2978 529053
No new posts Sticky: Picture showing many modular formats 68 22258
No new posts Sticky: Good experiences with modular builders/companies 218 30354
No new posts Sticky: Module Current Draw Database 85 20249
No new posts How much am I looking of I go second hand? 28 534
No new posts Why a hardware modular and not virtual modular software? 66 1603
No new posts Tintinnabuli? 1 76
No new posts Noise Gen vs Radio Noise 10 157
No new posts planing to expand my DarkEnergy I ... 2 57
No new posts Seeking the Perfect CV Keyboard 57 19475
No new posts Modular Memes 1191 226446
No new posts Dream Module? 25 528
No new posts Advice needed on first rack 4 62
No new posts favorite module that isn't on everyone else's racks 67 2713
No new posts unstable vco + power problems 4 136
No new posts VCO Wave Shape switch modulation ? Not wave modulation 18 267
No new posts If you are considering going modular.....DO IT! 16 631
No new posts Integrating modulation-heavy patches or presets? 4 144
No new posts Starting my modular voyage 1 72
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Jan Ostman - DSP Synths 4 92
No new posts Best pedal for boosting guitar to modular level 1 110
No new posts Best way to MIDI sequence modular with Octatrack? 7 187
No new posts Realising your rack does nothing you thought it would. 32 1345
No new posts Modular synth + piano 19 551
No new posts Mono headphones? 6 273
No new posts whats the story on magpie modular panels? 9 979
No new posts Lineal VS Switching Power Supply Sound Quality 15 2032
No new posts Folktek Mescaline is live on Indiegogo! 361 20734
No new posts Lifeforms 201 and DAW integraction 3 77
No new posts Noise problem with Doepfer A138o/A-135-4A 1 44
No new posts Noob question: S-Trig 3 123
No new posts State variable filters vs Multimode filters 27 2952
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: First Eurorack build! Check out my modules, Suggestions? 4 34
No new posts Expressive Interfaces/Controllers 14 369
No new posts how are you guys recording your modular? 208 14866
No new posts Painting Eurorack Modules 9 332
No new posts Famous fonts used at synthesizers 182 45163
No new posts Do you think Analogue Haven care about their customers? 135 9455
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Modular 1950's Tektronix 1 74
No new posts The 'Amish Surprise' patch 15 574
No new posts reaktor blocks es a sequencer???? 8 204
No new posts Cirklon Dimensions? 12 1460
No new posts ANTS! micro semi modular 3 337
No new posts Soundtracks featuring Modular Synths? 44 6795
No new posts How do I retrigger envelopes? 9 177
No new posts µTune - Micro Tonal midi cv converter, quantizer, editor 268 12372
No new posts Studio build & setup part 4: Audio / Power Wiring setup 84 2740
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Eurorack Power Question 4 51
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Some noob questions about cases and power 1 18
No new posts Triggers to Gates 11 545
No new posts Growing too big to wiggle comfortably??! 31 1520
No new posts Videos of people patching from scratch? 46 1993
No new posts Self generating and ideas ? 305 51003
No new posts Nord Modular thread 873 76165
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Meet-up groups in South London? 2 16
No new posts [ Poll ] What kind of music / sounds do you make ? 50 1099
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: zeus boost power cable? 1 50
No new posts Is there anything you consider "Cheating?" 103 2280
No new posts No more clouds and reverb 108 4681
No new posts Roland MPU-101? 25 3422
No new posts fine-tuning a self oscillating VCF 13 242
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: What do you think is the best travel eurorack case around? 3 75
No new posts Jumping In... 0-Coast or modules? 27 1687
No new posts CV/Clock to Midi clock? 47 9134
No new posts Syncing Roland MX-1 to CV clock via Kort SQ-1 Midi Out 0 46
No new posts Is there a unique phrase your family uses for your modular? 93 3529
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No new posts My brain hit a wall; Please help me figure out this patch 7 285
No new posts Max current of the transformer - per lane or total? 1 72
No new posts Synthesizer as Instrument With A Cultural History? 16 572
No new posts Anyware Tinysizer - nearly pocketsized modular synth 214 31274
No new posts Yusynth VCO current draw 2 85
No new posts Roland system 1M outputs SO loud...tweakable? 4 283
No new posts NAMM 2018 Cover 13 1323
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Putting together a west coast(ish) setup 0 8
No new posts Ableton - Pitch & Gate to Modular 2 152
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Digital rack, inexperienced. 0 5
No new posts Do you use USB-MIDI2CVplus on a Mac (Logic Pro)? 2 84
No new posts Eurorack format sequencer modules / 5U (MU or MOTM synth) 12 1204
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: 0-Coast into a modular rack 0 2
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Eurorack Sequencer - Techno Leads 5 82
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Voltage Block not modulating BIA – clock/timing problem? 1 36
No new posts Envelope Followers... discuss 35 4407
No new posts Compressor modules 10 341
No new posts The first electronic studio's Obscure Pics 82 3918
No new posts Buying banana cables in the UK? 7 215
No new posts USING DAW AS SEQUENCER 3 319
No new posts New Dreadbox Synth NYX 50 7083
No new posts cable to go from line out to cv input 4 129
No new posts What's the difference between FM, Ring Mod, and Cross mod? 27 7013
No new posts Transposing sequences 13 352
No new posts Sorting voltages? 14 312
No new posts Question about gigging with Eurorack: warm up, tuning drift 12 444
No new posts ModularGrid 29 1169
No new posts Wigglers on the air -send your best and most unique sound 596 38673
No new posts Out of stock 3 323
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Sonic Universes 4 76
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