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Author Serge
richard wrote:
now is the chance for all you under 100 post guys smile

Go on then! Dinner at the Y
amnesia wrote:
Serge without banana jacks is Driscoll razz

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is it Dead Banana
I will pay to whomever gives us a photo...
except for TTA... I will just buy whatever is in the photo Dead Banana Dead Banana Dead Banana SlayerBadger! zombie love screaming goo yo screaming goo yo
no banana no care 8_)
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Ok, we're on page 5, where's the deets? 8_)
aethersprite wrote:
no banana no care 8_)

Your contribution says otherwise! Dead Banana
Ken Stone's comments in the Matrixsynth post, in a reply to Matrix' question about what's new from Serge/CGS:

SSG came out recently. Touch controller - ala Synapse mag, Vintage bidirectional router (I have the boards), phaser, and Serge wants me to release the original VCO too. Oh, and he also sent me the diagram above, so noise will be done to go hand in hand with the SSG, so we can have the random voltage generator. smile
Random voltage module! Awesome.

I'll throw my money at you even harder if you make the filter.
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companyofquail wrote:
when are we gonna start arguing about how he pronounces his name w00t

Page 5.


not "sir gay*", right?

*Stereotypical PC disclaimer
Article I: Not that there's anything WRONG if it's "sir gay", some of my
best friends pronounce Serge as "sir gay"
I believe that there are beans that require spilling.
Noise for Fiction
Ok fellows, I don't have any front panels to show you yet, but i can share some of the progress we've made on this project:

I have been talking to Serge for sometime now about making the Serge system in eurorack. It all started when I introduce him to our Stackcables, he loved it and said that very few people are aware of how shielded patchcords would enhance modules such as the Serge VCFs, VCAs, Ring Mod, which are already ultra low noise. He continued by saying that with shielded patchords, the modules will
attain studio quality performance. I guess that from that point  it was obvious, we are going to start a new Serge system in the best format in town, eurocrack.

Guinness ftw!

So this is how it's going to work, all modules will be:

1. Original Serge designs

2. Serge color coded jacks

3. Serge original fonts and graphics, work flow

Or in other words; the whole Serge experience.

Those who have/had a Serge know what i'm talking about. This is fun!

For starters, we are looking at making the Smooth and Stepped Generator (SSG) with added randomization, the Dual Slope Generator (DUSG) and the Wilson Analog Delay (WAD).

The fact that we are going to design all these from scratch give us the option to add features, but it is totally up to Serge to decide that.  It is going to be his system and his ideas.

On the WAD we are working directly with Dave Wilson and hopefully we could figure out how to implement it with available parts.

The whole thing takes a very long time; Serge is a busy man so please be patient. I'm sure it is going to be worth the wait. It's a great joy seeing Serge drawing schematics again, and I will do my best to make it available for all of us to use.

Holy SHIT!!!!!

At least there will be less 'what modules will make my Euro like a Serge?' threads lol

Congratulations, Gur! Sounds like a great opportunity.
WOW! This is incredibly exciting.
Serge was one of the main reasons I went into modular, but at that time I could not afford a Serge Modular. Now having it in eurorack format is a "dream comes true" !!!

Wow! Clap w00t we're not worthy

Hédi K.
Dead Banana
I think TipTop Audio just became the coolest kid on the block woah woah we're not worthy we're not worthy

Looking forward to it immensely SlayerBadger!
holy shit indeed

Serge is still the best conceived and best sounding complete system in modular as far as I am concerned. If we can choose between euro/stackable and 4U/banana (CGS/DIY or STS) in the future then that is pure win win win.

My plea - don't make these things too small, improve on the original designs where possible/relevant. add attenuators where needed. Make this the pinnacle of analogue!

the very best of luck to everyone involved!
That's WADs up! hihi

Gotta say I'm psyched for the WAD. Those serge guys make it out to be the best part of serge systems!

Now that that's out of the way...

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