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Eventide H8000FW works with Silent Way
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Author Eventide H8000FW works with Silent Way
Apparently the Eventide H8000FW outputs are DC coupled the inputs are not.

Now I know my H8000FW puts out one hell of a signal so think I might try this on my Arp which likes a very healthy voltage.
When you say "apparently" do you mean you've tested it and it's working, or just that you read somewhere that they're DC coupled?
Someone posted up on the Eventide forums asking if they are DC coupled or not, the main guy at Eventide replied that the outputs were DC Coupled but that they do not support CV use with the H8000FW.

I have yet to test it as off to work in a min, but I do know that my H8000FW which I use as a soundcard puts out one hell of a volume.
Please test this and let us know if the title of this thread is accurate. That's one hell of an expensive Silent Way I/O box!
Very interested to here your results.

I haven't had much luck keeping the FW connection with my Mac so have the AES DB25 connection normalled into my rig.
Wow yeeha.....NOT........I mean............. that thing is $5000
I do sound design so use the Eventide a lot for it, trust me I get no pocket money (or allowance from the main house account) now for the next 3 years to pay for this thing..... but hey it's worth it.

To be honest it's the best sound card I have used, beats the Lynx Aurora to my ears.

I use it with the Motu 2408mk3, using the pcie card to connect the 2408mk3 I then run the H8000FW over optical cables. This gives me the benfit of not using Firewire which is bad for audio latency. I can now run at 1.5ms latency with my main in and outs from the H8000FW plus 2 x external fx running from Cubase 5 coming from the effects in the H8000FW.

This then leaves me 8 outputs form the Motu 2408mk3 to use Silent Way. I bet though that the H8000FW would give me a really strong trigger level and silly octave range. A good friend of mine is dying to use Silent Way but can not afford another sound card just yet....although ironically he does have an H8000FW.

I'll try to test today after I've Deoxit'd my Pro 1's scratchy pots.
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Dead Banana It's peanut butter jelly time! did we ever get an answer on does it work or not ?
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