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Newbie help with calibration
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Author Newbie help with calibration

I try to make it simple:

Logic 9.1.1=> MOTU mk3 => ES_1 => AFG livewire.

Did everything according to manual and video, however, my calibration curve only starts around "0" / in the middle of the calibration windows, as compared to bottom left as seen of the tutorial videos... Did I loose the negative voltage?
Got to say that I can calibrate over 3 octaves, but still...

And the most annoying thing: is the pitch or other parameters sent by silent way voice controller, bound to the volume of the track???
If I change the volume of the track it changes the pitch. I could live with that, but the master volume of the project also changes the pitch.
Any work-around?

Thanks for any help.
If you refer to the ES-1 manual, you'll see it ships configured as AC-coupled, unipolar. Since you have a MOTU interface, you should change the jumpers to DC-coupled (and don't use the AC Encoder plug-in). That will get your negative voltages back.

Changing the volume of a track affects the level of the signal going out. If the signal is a pitch CV, that's exactly as if you'd fed the CV through an attenuator module i.e. it will certainly affect the pitch.
Thank you very much.
And once again... READ THE MANUAL! I'm such an idiot..

For the volume thing, I'll have to think about a way to isolate silent way tracks, so they could be independent from the master volume, somehow.

Don't know if it had been mentioned: amongst things you can calibrate with silent way: the uLFO from bubble sound... 6 octaves in "high mode". Now I can communicate with elephants.
Cool, glad to help.

uLFO is a new one- good to know.
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