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happy nerding super sawtor in euro?
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Author happy nerding super sawtor in euro?
Since I am refusing to buy a certain module similar to the super sawtor, does anybody know if this marvellous module will come to the beautiful and nice world of eurorack anytime soon?

There's always this guy:

yeah, but he also needs four lfos...
actually tested it yesterday and the sound is totally boss!

In this thread there is mention that Igor has the new smaller SMT boards in and the shallower 5U modules are in stock! This is fun! So, that would mean to me that the Euro versions aren't far behind but I'll let him know about this thread so he can give you the true story. thumbs up
If you're DIYish, Yusynth does a 2-way animator PCB which is available through Bridechamber. (LFOs onboard.)
Currently Euro version is under development.
It’s a bit tricky due to width and depth restrictions.
Now I’m aiming to 6 HP width and skiff-friendly depth using 16 mm Alphas and Kobiconn jacks. Also I plan to add a simple VC VCA, so clean and supersaw outputs can be mixed internally.
Finally the Euro version of the Super Sawtor is ready.
Here is how it looks like.

6 HP width, 3 cm depth (skiff friendly), 45 mA current draw from both rails.
At the moment I have several preproduction run units I can offer for the first buyers before they will be available at the distributers. Please contact me
hnerding (at) gmail (dot) com
for the details.
Just got mine today. These things are fantastic, and Igor is a lovely guy to deal with.

Really need to get on with some work, but I'm just playing with it... SlayerBadger!

Get them while they're hot (if he's got any left)!
Any chance you could do a demo, Mr. Morley?
Sure - I'll try to get a soundcloud thing done tomorrow (I don't have video capabilities).
OK - I was still playing so here's an rough demo. I've put markers in to explain what I'm doing, but it's just an AFG saw through the Sawtor, then into a Macbeth filter (no res and fully open to start with) and then a uVCA out. I make no apologies for the total lack of musicality here...


Colour me interested! I don't get as much use out of my E340 as I think I should - I think this could be the replacement I'm looking for!
Tasty test, Dom! thumbs up

And don't forget to run Sines and Triangles through the Sawtor, they will also sound great but different! w00t
Thanks, Dom; sounds DAMN good to me! I'm also curious about how it handles sines and triangles Guinness ftw!
The_Crooked_Man wrote:
Thanks, Dom; sounds DAMN good to me! I'm also curious about how it handles sines and triangles Guinness ftw!

In this video of the 5U version I did a little Sine and Triangle testing. Mostly between 7:45 and 10:00 approximately. Sorry the switching between wave forms didn't get labeled well in that part. d'oh! The Sawtored Sine and Triangle waves have a more 'hollow' sound than the saw.:
I got great tones by sticking sines and triangles through the a137-2...really gnarly!
Wow, thanks for that, John. It'd be lovely to have 2, judging from that demo, but I managed to squeeze in just enough room for 6hp in the Modular Grid; this thing is a must have thumbs up
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