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CV to Weevil
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Author CV to Weevil
TheProperBoy just sent me a link to this YouTube of him applying CV control to his Postcard Weevil::

Nicely done!

What it appears is being done here is:

CV goes to the V_starve supply (pin14 of the 40106 and 4077 chips)
and the ground connects to the ground TouchPad.

This is a nice way to do things, but it also gets me slightly worried if people begin to apply certain voltages:

i) negative voltages! If the applied voltage swings to negative then you'll certainly run the risk of zapping the Weevil. Best way to avoid this is to feed the CV in through a Diode to remove any negative swing.

ii) over-voltage! Only apply a voltage with maximum 9V - doepfers with a max. swing of +5V should be fine, but other systems may be a problem. You could use a 9v zener if scared though.
Nice. Thanks for the tips, Tom. This has been on my mind to try out, but I've been worried about blasting my bug like some Starship Trooper.
hihi damn! crazy!
I have to try that soon! Mr. Green
Ok, here's a very simple schematic for inserting external signals / CVs

Input diode (1N4148 standard silicon) - prevents negative voltages
Zener diode (9v or so, 500mW) - prevents overvoltage
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