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Frac Pulse or Clock Dividers? | and | what to do with my Ana
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Author Frac Pulse or Clock Dividers? | and | what to do with my Ana
Kendall Station
Are there any? Blacet's is out of production I imagine and the MB divider / logic is a bit big plus I don't really need the logic.

Btw...I *do* have an MB analog logic and can't really find much to do with it. I can get all sorts of ever-changing CV patterns or gritty Ring Mod-ish sounds with audio signals but beyond that I'm kind of stumped.

Lemme know what you guys think...

Yah, that's what the CGS Analog Logic does; Min / Max or Peak & Trough are other names for similar processes elsewhere, but, with a twist; like most things CGS grin

For a cheap & small sized Divider, if you don't mind a little soldering, grab a a CD4520 & either a bunch transistors or a 4050 (Blacet style) for buffers.

The 4520 is a dual binary counter; perfect for a pair of 1 in 4 out dividers in a 1FU panel thumbs up
Kendall Station
Yeah, think I just realized the Logic is not really something I need ATM. Might have to try to sell it. not sure what gives the the CSG analog logic the term 'sequencing powerhouse'......

As for the pulse divider thx for the tip! could be an interesting project. I'm pretty crap at DIY though but it could be fun. thx again!
The Pulse Divider / Logic is alot more than a standard divider... I have the Blacet Freq. Divider; modded for 4 extra outputs, but, I need some Logic to go with it, logic really changes what you are able to do with all those pulses & without odd divisions, you are pretty much stuck "on the 4"

Its very cool tho, this page;

gives a good step by step breakdown on how to hook up the 4520... you'll get away with not using buffers.. but, its not ideal.

As for what to do with the Analog Logic; feed it two differant LFOs & an EG & use the outputs where you'd usually use an LFO for more than just straight forward Low Frequency Oscillations thumbs up
Kendall Station
Thanks again Tom. That's basically what I was wondering, if there were logic applications to clocking / gating etc. Off to check out the link you posted this should be a great project if I have some documentation on it.....otherwise I'm dead lost.

Update: just checked it out and man I love the idea of have the two sides, one for audio rate and another for clock signals...this could be deadly fun!
On the CGS/Metal Box - Pulse Divider & Logic:
Ken Stone says:
For example, the /6 and /7 outputs could be ANDed together, and that would give a pulse every 6 x 7 (42) clock pulses (i.e. 1 pulse immediately the pulse divider is reset, and the second 42 pulses after that etc.)

So it can be really useful to have that logic right next to the divider in times when you want to get non-standard timings of measures and events.
thanks Thomas, would be very interested in building a simple divider!
buffered if it's not too hard.

will check out that link!

ahh but the hex zone does clock division. i would really like odd divisions though...
For easy peasy buffers without all the mess of a million transistors; check out the way Blacet uses the 4050 in almost every module. Put Blacet modules next to CGS & I bet the first thing you notice is the differance in the amount of transistors.

a CD4520 & 2 CD4050s & you've got almost all the parts you need for a dual divider with buffered inputs, outputs & an LED for each grin
Using a Hex Buffer IC to buffer outputs? How absurd!

I know right... Just so crazy it might even work applause
Tom when are you coming out with your line of wacky cmos modules?
As soon as the small Indian Elephant I have employed to create the panels is finished, it will be a complete system of old Moog designs implemented with 5V logic & all the serial #s will be 42 Mr. Green razz
ivory panels? hell yeah
Kendall Station
Luka wrote:
ivory panels? hell yeah

damn that's some quick wit....too funny.

as for the Hex doing division yes, but it only works with one out, two if you jack the divided clock back into the sequential switch and set the steps (division) to your desire. It'd be nice to have so many outs, gotta love the Hex army knife yup yup.
Kendall Station

does your square wave pulse width have to be at 50% to be correctly divided? or will short PWs work as well?
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