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radiokoala - Analog Explorations
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Author radiokoala - Analog Explorations
the new year is coming and I have something special to share with you all. screaming goo yo w00t nanners

It is a very fresh album (out today, 30/12) - a longplay dedicated to what we all love here most - analogue synthesizers! To me it is not just a recording, an important bit is it was made possible by me being a part of this community; the involvement that resulted in me becoming more and more enamored with analogue aesthetics and associated methods of working.

For this record mostly all I used was a modular synth and monotribe; to spice the things up I brought some analog fuzz, as well as digital echo, reverb, & phaser FX to the mix - even a pinch of bitcrusher. X-station and animoog synths have their appearance too. As I wanted to conserve the raw analog feel of original recordings, post-processing is next to none. One take - ready - go.

An architect of memorizable soundscapes, radiokoala makes soulful and inventive electronica unrestrained by genre crutches. His is music more intricate than what could be transcribed with notes; it's a whole sonic world, where one can only experience what they hear - at the very moment of listening. Trying to describe it thereafter could be tricky: bringing ethereal emotions and taking listener back to the episodes bygone, its textural ambience is too fragile to reproduce with words. Though, it depends. While there could be found examples of exquisite subtlety, like selected works #9 on a self-titled album (for where fragility is the most appropriate word), radiokoala doesn't restrain himself necessarily to solely meditative pieces of audio work. Sometimes he can go crushing with pondering analog kicks & low-frequency drones joined together for pulse-frequenting assault at the one's ears. This is what he does at Analog Explorations - an album intended to showcase raw and fortright character that is so characteristic for analogue and modular synthesizers. Finding himself in a position of an artist too flexile to hold on to any kind of formulaic composition, radiokoala would go anywhere far to not repeat himself even once. Analog Explorations is a record that has very distinct sonic signature, but it's not what is most important about it: rather the main idea was to showcase the extremes of sonic self-expression made possible by working with a carefully chosen set of various analogue devices, and in that it succeeds.

1. The Tidescrape
2. August Inbelie
3. The Golding
4. Moosa Lane
5. Snail Igloo
6. Machinist Blind
7. Bundleclot
8. Mechanaut
9. Come Into Leaf
10. Berlin Turbine

cookie?!? BANDCAMP

Enjoy and happy new year!
Snail Igloo - great name / great track!

Happy new year well done!

PS: i thought koalas where only found in Australia! hihi
Excellent stuff! I particularly enjoyed The Tidescrape, The Golding, and Snail Igloo. Really like how melodies and rhythms start to build out of the noise. Great job building anticipation and tension!

As newbie just entering the modular world this kind of stuff is really inspiring!


thumbs up
Heads up: I just made this free download.

As well as that, new analog release is in the works:

'Eloquencer Sessions': #A1 (MUFF’s Exclusive)

Thx for your interest.

Dono-Kun Dance
zaphod betamax
are you still doing any Monotribe experiments?
I successfully controlled the filter cutoff with an external envelope!
zaphod betamax
Hah, not really. But it was (over)abused in sense it was present in like, my every track, circa 2013-2016... smokin' I didn't really crack open it, or mod, or anything. But there is monotribe mods thread in the DIY section you probably know about it – people still keep posting new things there, it seems!
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