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stg .vca current draw?
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Author stg .vca current draw?
Quick question, does anyone know what the current draw is for the STG .vca module? I'm sure it isn't much, but would like to know.
i don't know. i need to get a power supply specifically for testing that tells me this stuff. it's actually kind of a huge pain in the ass to measure current draw if you don't have a bench supply.

believe it or not, every module (prototype or production) i've ever tested, since the beginning (2006?) has been tested off of the supply in my personal system. yeah sounds kind of reckless (i've seen smoke with some stuff!) but the experience makes me very confidant in this stuff.
Hi STG, thanks for letting me know.

I thought that just putting a multimeter in between the power supply and and the module would do for current draw, but I guess you'd need two multimeters for a bipolar power supply and that would be pretty fiddly so thats why you'd need a bench supply with a current load feature?
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