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KOMA Elektronik - Tour de l'Americas - NYC, PORTLAND, LA
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Author KOMA Elektronik - Tour de l'Americas - NYC, PORTLAND, LA

2013 has been an incredibly busy but very good year for us here at KOMA. It was the year we added the RH301 Rhythm Workstation / Utility Tool to the KOMA family and worked on a load of very awesome new things for 2014, some of them to be released very soon! It was very inspiring for us to see what all of our customers did with our machines: the music they made, the crazy new sounds they created and all the new cool ways to patching it all up. All the best for 2014 from Berlin!

Our 2014 will begin very busy and on another continent: On Thursday January 16th 2014 we’ll be in New York City to visit the awesome people of Control in Brooklyn. In the late afternoon and evening we will be hosting a workshop / meet up and little party at their shop. We would like to invite you to hang out with us, have a beer and when you want you can try out some of our (new) machines.

On the 18th of January 2014 we’ll be in Portland, OR, hanging out with our friends from 4MS and Control Voltage. In the afternoon we’ll be in the shop, where you can test all our machines. In the evening we are hosting a small party so we can listen to German hits and have a drink together!

On January 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th 2014 we’ll be present at the annual NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA. Find us at our own little booth in Hall E with booth number: E1076 and with our friends of Big City Music in Hall A at booth A6735.


The KOMA Crew

More information:
16 JAN: Facebook event for NYC:
18 JAN: Facebook event for Portland:
Nice! I actually have off Thursdays. I'll be there!
Awesome! SlayerBadger!
Hey, I heard there was a live stream of the event at Control Voltage. Is that video available anywhere on the internet?? Wish I could have made it. CV has been hosting a lot of cool events in my absence.
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