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Preparing for modular only performance (in Berlin)
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Author Preparing for modular only performance (in Berlin)
So tomorrow night I'll play a short set here in Berlin, it will be my second ever performance with a modular synth. I'm going to restrict myself to a small mixer and a single 6U Doepfer suitcase of modules, and see if I can improvise with just that amount of modules. A bit nervous about it, but looking forward to playing.

If anyone in Berlin wants to stop by and have a listen, wonderful! I'm playing tomorrow night (20 Jan around 22:30) at Mme Claude in Kreuzberg (Experimontag).
sounds great! But monday night is kinda a bad time.. waah
Yup! But at least I don't play too late - 10:30 pm, and for about 30-40 mins.
I wish I was in Berlin, rather than... Modena cry
Well, the show went both good and bad. When I started out, bringing up volumes, I noticed a high pitched sizzle sound, quite loud, which wasn't there in soundcheck (things got moved around a bit in between acts) and I couldn't figure out what the source was. Then I couldn't get any sound from my Phonogene! Need to test to figure out whether the bug is the module or me…

So the first half of the set wasn't so great as I tried to make do, but I recovered in the second half (tried to use this sizzling noise as part of the set, and layered drones over it) which I then worked into some simple arpeggios at the end.

In the end, it was pretty fun, but now I need to do some troubleshooting…
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