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ADDAC Quantizer - octave settings?
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Author ADDAC Quantizer - octave settings?
I'm reading through the manual, but can't figure out a way to limit the output to a particular octave - whatever notes I choose play across a wide range of octaves, which isn't always appropriate. Surely I can tell the Quantizer to only use notes in a particular range, rather than any C, D, whatever?
ADDAC System
Hi devilwidget

Sorry but the ADDAC207 Intuitive Quantizer does not do what you are asking.
But you can simple use the ADDAC203 CV Mapping to map the CV to the desired octave before it goes to the ADDAC207 Intuitive Quantizer.

You can try it with the interactive user guide here:

All the best,
ADDAC System
Excellent. I began thinking it would require something along these lines as I played with the Quantizer module. Oh to be able to afford a full ADDAC rack!
Would it not easiest to attenuate the signal, pre quantiser?

Or do you mean octave shifting? Such as you hit a c then a d then d 2 octaves above and you want to shift just specific notes down?
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