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Best headphones for live performance?
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Author Best headphones for live performance?
I'm new to the forum and was wondering what headphones people are using to monitor their synth rig when playing live. I am planning to do some live gigs in the near future and would like to be prepared.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

I always use monitors, but then again i don't do much "cue"ing stuff up on the modular.

My pal used some small diam closed ear sennhesisers for live sound reference, the ear pieces could swivel around so he could take one off etc and they werent DJ headphones. Cant remember the model ATM

Really i would think most any DJ headphone would work in a live setting, just don't go overboard... Dont embarrass the rest of us w00t w00t
Also, welcome to marf wrangler
maybe something like the sennheiser hd25?
it cuts pretty well the external noise, and the quality is not bad at all.
Thanks for the reply and info.
I will be using monitors with the same feed that I send to the PA but if I wanted to check something before sending to the mix I would want to use headphones. I would prefer to use in-ear type, but only using one wouldn't be very loud and it would be a pain to have to put both in and take them out.
I know that Beyer DT100 closed cans are loud. Maybe using them on one ear would be good enough. I will be doing a couple of rehearsals with a PA so I will try things out during them. I don't have any DT100's at the momment and not sure if to buy some.
Thanks. I'll see if I can have a listen to some HD25's
Something closed that fit over your ears. I use Sony MDR-7505 and have for over a decade. I love them. The Sennheiser HD25's are good, as well as the Audio Technica ATH-M40fs or D40fs. But those are just the ones I've used. There are SO many options out there.
I had the HD25 for about 2 years and enjoyed them. but the reason i sold them was because after about 2-3 hours of wearing them, my ears started to hurt due to the high pressure.
This high pressure needs to be there - it cuts the external noise as said above.

I now go with Beyerdynamics DT-770.They are 'over' ear. very comfortable :-)
Actually, daluxer good point. The HD25's are really tight on the head, at least at first. It might get uncomfortable if worn for long periods of time.
hmm, when it comes to this sort of application i tend to throw quality out the door. you want so called "dj" headphones with a super embellished mid range-- that way you can actually hear what's going on in the phones channel over the PA. and for any "beat matching" efforts you can blast the mid/cut the bass of the cue channel to clearly hear the transient of the kick over your downbeats in the headphone mix.

for this i suggest Pioneeer brand headphones. these are good and are often on sale for around 200 bucks at some guitar center--

i hate going up to the booth with nice headphones because i always feel bad overloading the hell out of them. sennheisers et al are more for at home. the issue of ear fatigue is irrelevant since you are likely not playing for more than an hour or two, and since there is no way to really avoid ear fatigue in a live setting!
Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

I won't be wearing headphones all of the time. I would only probably need to check a couple of things during the set. I just need to be able to hear them over the PA and the monitors for maybe only a few seconds. The sound quality isn't crucial and I would probably EQ them, as suggested.

solaris wrote:
maybe something like the sennheiser hd25?
it cuts pretty well the external noise, and the quality is not bad at all.

this ! thumbs up
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