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A few MOTM kits available Dec 28th
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Author A few MOTM kits available Dec 28th
I will have a few of all the MOTM kits (yes, the FULL kits, around 2 to 5 of each) available for ordering at [EDITED] 6PMTexas Time Monday Dec. 28th. ***I had to bump the time up due to prior engagement***

These kits will be *in stock* for shipment within 1 week of ordering. I have no plans to do this again. I'm doing this because my 16yr old son totaled his car and I had to buy a replacement.

The pricing will be slightly higher than in 2006 when they were last for sale. Tyco and Vishay have raised their prices over 30% since then.

I'm NOT getting back into the kit business. I still sell full kits for the power supplies, and 90% of all the bits & pieces for each module. It's not an efficient use of my time sitting here hour after hour counting 1 cent parts into little plastic bags Dead Banana
paults wrote:
It's not an efficient use of my time sitting here hour after hour counting 1 cent parts into little plastic bags Dead Banana

You know you like it.
Thanks for the heads up, and yeah, counting out parts kits is a bummer. I sold one run of 100 kit projects five years ago and remember spending hours out on the porch counting resistors....
This is good news about the kits. Sorry about your son's car. Hope he is okay.
a) note I changed the time to 6PM.

b) son is fine, car was killed instantly. Replacement is in, Dad's bank account took major loss very frustrating

c) if you think 100 kits was a pain, try doing 8,444 SlayerBadger!
Noah Vail
You're tempting me, Mr. Schreiber. Say, who's that ugly guy in the middle of the picture on your website? hmmm.....
I resemble that remark.
Couple of questions to help plan out the post christmas spend-a-thon...

1. Are the modules listed with bills of materials on this page, , the ones that you will offer on the 28th? In other words, just about everything except MOTM-650.

2. Do you have a rough estimate of pricing for the kits? For instance, do they tend to be a certain percentage of the assembled/tested price?
1. MOTM kits include EVERYTHING, even the wire and solder. I doubt the entire line will be up there again (sigh), but who knows. It will sell out fast.

2. I have an old catalog with kit pricing. Listing the kit and assembled pricing. Prices will certainly be higher than this but you can at least figure out rough kit price based on the new assembled price.

(kit price/assembled price)
190: 199/299
300: 329/429
310: 209/319
440: 259/369
480: 279/399
490: 169/249

Imagine, prices were even lower than this when it first started. Wish I had bought more then. w00t
A more accurate price guess is look at the current assembled prices and deduct $75.

No MOTM-850 kits and maybe *1* MOTM-510 kit. On average, the others will have 3 to 5 kits per module.

With the Euro modules hitting the same time as the kits, please allow until the middle of Jan. for delivery of them.

Lots of good info at:
Roycie Roller
paults wrote:

Lots of good info at:

God i love the look of the recipes on their site
Thanks for the info.
trying to figure out how to get out of work early so i am not sitting in traffic while all the goodies sell out! damn time zones!!
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