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VC ADSR assembling problem
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Author VC ADSR assembling problem

I have populated two vc adsr boards and having the same problem on both:
the modules do not generate adsr slope, the only thing they do now is vca, which is not affected by A, D, S, R values. The led follows gate, but its light is dim.
I suspect U2 (4052 DP4T analogue switch), because when I use SW74HC4052 or CD74HC4052E in U2 place, they are getting untouchably hot in 5 seconds, though HCF4052BE do not warm.

Please advise the possible reason and the correct 4052 for U2.
74HCT or 74HC devices should not be used.

The correct devices used on the module are the CMOS 4000 series parts, the 4052 and 4001.

If the LED is lighting this does suggest that there is something coming from the ADSR part of the circuit. It shouldn't follow the gate though but the output of the ADSR so it should be affected by all four pots.

Have you fitted the jumpers across AD and SR?

What is the voltage on pin 7 U3 when gate is on and off?

Check that U8 is inserted the correct way. The notch should be at the top.

I have not installed the jumpers, my fault, missed this part from the manual. Will check the combination of jumpers and HCF4052BE for U2 at home.
Thank you Tony for the quick responce.
edit: yes, installing jumpers solved the problem.
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