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Bananalogue / Serge VCS -> Mod to BugBanana (pics)
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Author Bananalogue / Serge VCS -> Mod to BugBanana (pics)
I just did this for indexofmetals:

Here are some pics & observations if people want to do the same - despite some hesitation on first site (board mounted jacks) it turned out to be very straight forward and took under 1hour.

Here are some initial pics before work:

The original - note the flying Cycle switch and CV Both socket plus the connection pcb

Showing the connection pcb and how it attaches to the jack boards

Trace detail of the connection pcb - see that the upper trace (nearest the front panel) joins both boards - this is GROUND.

(Sorry - I forgot to take pictures during the mod process...)

I began by unscrewing the jack socket nuts and Cycle switch before desoldering the left-most row in the above picture (the one attaching to the main board). The two jack boards can then be removed with the connector PCB still attaching them together. The other headers can then be desoldered easily enough and off come the jack sockets too. The main PCB can stay attached!

The jack holes were actually big enough to fit the banana sockets (8mm) without any extra drilling - great. I attached a little piece of jumper wire on to each socket - the BOTH socket had a bit extra - you'll see why in a moment..

Check out the pictures below to see how I then remounted the jack PCBs by passing the banana socket jumper wires through the hole for the jack SIGNAL connection. (the GROUND connection is just left unfilled). This fixes the jack pcb securely in place.

I did the Trigger->VC-Fall column first - leaving off the Both socket to begin with, I soldered the first jack board in place and then added the Both socket (other way around than the other sockets). The same approach is used for the Input->ExpCV column.

Jumper cable is then used to remake the inter-board connections. As ground needs to connect to both jack boards I installed a piece of jumper wire to go between these two boards. You can hopefully see the idea from the pictures. I did have to add an extension cable onto the LED as well - this was simple enough and then I glued the LED back in place.

Any questions, just ask. The sockets are the ones I use from Rapid - I think that Pomona ones may be similar.

Now, I've got to try it out for myself a bit - never played with one before.
awesome Tom, I didn't think it was going to go so smoothly

I've got a lot of love for the serge dual slope gen (kept the serge panel that had it when I sold my other 3 panels) so couldn't resist getting a vcs for my bugbox
That's awesome. Almost regretting selling mine now....

Nah, I'll be ordering boards from CGS soon enough!
Very nice work Bugs!
You are a champ Tom!!

This is the one module I'm most worried about... but, wow! You just made it alot easier because I know its possible grin

Tom, Johnson sockets are actually a great deal smaller than the Rapids, so much so that the Rapid plugs don't quite go all the way in.

I actually prefer the Rapid sockets over Johnsons, they feel alot more solid when patching, there are times when putting modules together that the extra depth can be a little bit of a pain, but, in this case the extra depth is a actually helps grin
Oh - that's interesting about the Johnson sockets - the same approach should work though (though you, DGT, are getting the Rapid ones!). Hmm, I certainly prefer the deeper sockets.

I tested the VCS a little at my workshop and was a bit unimpressed.. But then I plugged it into a space in my 2-rack home system and had A LOT OF FUN! (Didn't fully understand the subtlty of control, but still got great results)
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