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How to set up Koma Kontroller with a Boss DD7?
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Author How to set up Koma Kontroller with a Boss DD7?
The Garudas
Hi, just got my Koma Kontroller. I have bought it specifically to control a Boss DD7 Delay Pedal and A Boss Re20. I had a look around the net and it seems it can be done but how do I go about setting the CV output level without frying my DD7? Is there anything specific I should watch out for?
The Garudas
Ok, maybe I need to be a bit more specific. How do I use the attenuator to get down to the 3v needs of the DD7? Do I ramp it all the way down and gradually bring it up? Also is there a standard regarding leads that split the stereo jack from the DD7 i.e. is the red or black plug coming from the centre pin? Otherwise if I get it wrong will it blow the circuit? These plugs tend to be moulded so no way to check by unscrewing the plug.


I found a lead that tells me which is tip and which is ring but have tried this with two seperate delays Boss and Digitech both that work on the same principal of feeding out 3v and receiving back 0-3V but nothing is happening at all. Any way to test the Kontroller is actually working?


I have tried setting up the Kontroller with my Oberheim Expander as it has CV/gate inputs. Trouble is I have never use them so I got it triggering with the gate but couldn't get anything with the CV. If the gate is working would that suggest that the CV is ok?
The Garudas
Well I got a lead with tip ring specified and I measure the output from the DD7 it was more or less 3v , so I set up the Kontroller to 3v when fully on, still nothing. So then it occured to me there must be something sensing whether the power is going out. So I plugged the ring out into an old volume pedal and had the 3v from the Koma going into the DD7. It works but not well, I wanted to use it to control the time of the delay but it doesn't do it like an expression pedal. It sounds more like scratching a record. Ah well. I shall try and find a delay pedal that will do this with the Kontroller, I think it will be a great live tool.
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