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ADDAC System

.On/Off Power switch
.Current consumption 3 led display with short circuit protection shutdown via electro-mechanical relays triggered when above 700mA:
150mA, 400mA, 700mA/OFF
.Arduino shield headers in the back, usb cable comes out from the side, all arduino pins in the front panel!

.Main power connections:
-12V, GND, +12V

.Secondary power connections (variable voltage regulators) adjustable via the front panel small trimpots:
-3/10V, +3/10V

.Frontpanel parts:
1x breadboard

2x 10K Pots
1x 50k Pot
2x 100k Pots
1x 1M Pot

4x Leds
1x Photocell

2x SPST (normally open) push switches
1x DPDT (on/on) toggle switch
1x SPDT (on/on) toggle switch
2x SPDT (on/off/on) toggle switches

1x 3.5mm stereo jack
5x 3.5mm mono jack
1x 1/4'' stereo jack

More details:

-all front panel parts: pots, switches, jacks... are available at one point in the top female headers, for ex: Pot 1&2 are available at the top left 2nd connector printed "POT 1/2" pot legs are then identified by LCR, or Left Lug, Center Lug, Right Lug.
switches are marked UCD: up pin, center pin, down pin.
Jacks are marked: LR, left, rigth for stereo jack & T,SW for tip and tip switch, jack sleeves are internally connected to ground.
This way all points are available directly from the top.
The use of up, down, left, right, is meant to be more immediate while recalling which pins are which.

-A jumper wires pack will also be provided.

-Comes with 1M Long power cable to have it outside any frame.

-An optional parts kit will also be available.

-Breadboards will be screwed to the front panel to allow "pre-patched" breadboards to be interchanged.

-Comes with 55cm standoff Spacers for desktop operation (like shown in photo).

-Depth: 3.5cm (±1.375 inches) with or without Arduino installed, Depth increases if using arduino shields.

-Width: 36 HP

Estimated Price: 270-320€

Early bird price: 250€

As always drop us an email or PM.

all the very best

Glad to tell let everyone know that we've finished these modules and after all pre-orders shipped we still have a couple in stock!
Drop us an email if interested!

all the very best

Wow, Andre! You guys really are on another planet as far as development goes. Awesome and creative stuff, sir!
Is anyone stocking these in the US? Neither Analogue Haven nor Control appear to have the OHS.
Is anyone playing with these? I would love to see some video of what people are doing with them but for all their potential there is NOTHING online about them outside of press release-related stuff. No reviews and any who bought one don't want to share anything with us curious ones? hmmm.....

And what about ADDAC? No video? Why ya gotta be like that for such an intriguing piece?seriously, i just don't get it
Bump. Anyone? seriously, i just don't get it
Ditto bump I really want to see one of these in action.

You see so many timbre circuits on bread boards that you would think some one would wire it up to this bad boy and cv the shizzle out of it
This module is the very top of my buy list with my next check. If no one does a write up before I get one I'll try to type something up.
acgenerator wrote:
This module is the very top of my buy list with my next check. If no one does a write up before I get one I'll try to type something up.

It would be great to see a video of someone playing with one. Who knows, perhaps others will follow. Regardless, I'm watching this topic so if you get one please do share whatever you're comfortable with. I know for a fact there are plenty of curious people out there regarding this module besides myself.

Here's to your next paycheck!
Chugging Beers
I actually found a used one through the boards here which should arrive soon. I will be giddy if it hits my door step in time for the weekend.

I'm not sure if this module would be a good video though. I expect the intent of this is to give synth prototypers the Eurorack equivalent of what a web container is for software developers.... that is it'll provide all the interfaces: power, jacks, knobs, etc , you provide the actual signal processing / logic. Then you can immediately patch your design into your rack to test it out. I don't believe the intent is something you build on and put into your rack on a permanent basis.

In short, this modules should allow me postpone this kind of stuff until after the circuit is built:
- building a power supply to+/-12V
- designing inputs, putting in diodes to make sure the incoming signals flow correctly and getting all the signal levels right
- integrating control points
- etc

My plan for this is to get an O'tool, and the power starvation in a mini-rack and use it to convert some of top secret projects into modules.
I received my second-hand one in the middle of last week. I've only got to play with it a little bit but so far it seems to be exactly what I expected. I successfully built a LED tester using one of the build-in switches just to prove it works.

Maybe I can build a variant of the Atari Punk Console for a demo video. I'd need to modify the schematic as the power source choices are 5v or 12v. I figure it is something simple, recognizable and can use one or two of the built in features.

The power-switch is definitely comes in handy so you can leave your rack on as you make circuit changes. Generally there is a good selection of built ins to choose from but I would like to see a BOM with other knob values. (or it could be a project i build with it).

If you do Arduino stuff ... it looks like plugs in on the back so I could see that being inconvenient but there are interface points to it on the front.

As I said I plan to build out a mini-rack of testing / bending tools to turn a a lot of my DIY / hacked stuff into modules. For the really hardcore DIYers, I think I saw a Wi-fi module on Soundmachines site which could open the door for a lot of possibilities with this. I'm sure the new BASTL stuff with the motor / Solenoid stuff would pair well with this too.
acgenerator thanks for the update!
So glad you are sharing some of your experiences with this open-ended piece. I didn't realize this could be used without an arduino attached.

Looking forward to any future updates you choose to share with us.
is it possible to get one of these anywhere, new or used?
I recently ordered one of these. If anybody else is looking for one they are built to order and available directly from ADDAC System through their website. I'm looking forward to getting stuck in to it.
Paranormal Patroler
Bumping this thread as my gf is super interested in Arduino and I'm really considering one of these (who knows, maybe she'll make me a cool module!).

Got a bit interested myself after reading this interview by Richard D James who mentioned the ADDAC 210. Mr. Green Doesn't hurt that I'm an Aphex Twin fan!
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