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Live Synths in SF - 2/27
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Author Live Synths in SF - 2/27
Great show tonight at the Luggage Store Gallery on Market:

Collin McKelvey (Orbless here on Muff's) with a film by Paul Clipson
HeadBoggle (who's here on Muff's but I forget his handle)
Eric Sanchez (who I don't know but he must be cool because he did the rad flyer you see below)

Collin & Headboggle put out a split on 905 Tapes last month.

I'll post some video if I get anything worth watching. But you should go. Y'know, if you're in town, rather than just watch my lame videos. Support the scene and all.
I was coming over here to mention in the SF thread about the show. Late notice and all.
Thanks for posting about the show! Look forward to seeing you there. No modular for me tonight though, not sure about the Headboggle set up. I know that he has gotten hold of a BEMI music easel though.

Guinness ftw!
Videos from Derek Gedalecia (aka Headboggle)

Collin McKelvey with Paul Clipson super 8


Eric Sanchez

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