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ADDAC902 19’’ Rack Series
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Author ADDAC902 19’’ Rack Series
ADDAC System

Following our 19’’ Utility Patch Bay here’s our new options for framing Eurorack modules in standard 19’’ Rack systems.

ADDAC902 19’’ Rack Series
3U Eurorack frames, 85HP
Laser cutted aluminium and industrially bent
Black power coated finish

Open or closed back option.
With or without PSU.
Different power options available.

We’ll post more detailed photos soon!

ADDAC902 19’’ 3U Rack Frame Series Early bird prices:
ADDAC902 19’’ 3U Passive Rack Frame - 11cm Deep 70€
ADDAC902B 19’’ 3U Passive Rack Frame - 17cm Deep 75€
ADDAC902P PSU Ready 19’’ 3U Rack Frame - 11cm Deep 110€
ADDAC902PB PSU Ready 19’’ 3U Rack Frame - 17cm Deep 120€

Optional PSU Type:
PSU 1.2A Internal 55€
PSU 1.4A 2x External Transformers 50€
PSU 2.2A 2x External Transformers 60€
PSU 4.6A 2x External Transformers 80€

Expected availability, 1 week.

As always drop us a line if you’re interested.

All the very best,
Paranormal Patroler
These are great Andre! Especially the 11cm deep 3U is of interest. I might go for that angled 3U over my 9U cases after all. love
ADDAC System

We've just finished updating the website with new photos for the complete series:

Some extra specs to be added in the next days!

all the very best

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