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Lexicon MPX 500 has DC-coupled analog outputs
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Author Lexicon MPX 500 has DC-coupled analog outputs
My MOTU 2408 (original model) does not have DC-coupled analog outs. It does, however, have S/PDIF out which I connected to my Lexicon MPX 500 S/PDIF in. To my astonishment, the Lexicon analog outs not only pass calibration, I'm getting 7 octaves of pitch CV!
I pulled my Akai DR4 out of storage and tested it too. It has AES, S/PDIF, and analog I/O. I connected the MOTU 1224 AES out to DR4 AES in. The DR4 analog fails. It got me wondering though what other gadgets like the MPX 500 are out there with digital in and DC-coupled analog output. Since most all DAW interfaces have some type of digital output it'd be useful to know what inexpensive gear might partner with them. I think I read somewhere that the Behringer ADA8000 does not work.
Great information, thanks!

I think you're right about the ADA8000.
this forum has info about using MPX500 DC-coupled as Cv source.

I want to try this with my MX400 (Lexicon clearly states that MX400 has an dc-coupled output as well) maybe together with ExperSleepers plugin
but I simply fail to understand the signal chain comcept.

Any idea or explanation would help
on how I would need to hook it all togather
(expert sleper, usb to Mx400 ? or analog into MX400, and then how would I hook up which output of the MX into my analog gear ? and which comfig would I need to make , or would this all then just magically work ?)

thx. for feedback
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