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The Complete Ardcore Sketch Library
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Author The Complete Ardcore Sketch Library
So I thought there should be a thread on here with all the locations of ardcore sketches, as theres no list on the net that i've found bringing together all the brilliant work that people have done, so heres an attempt to start getting together a complete list.

Code Archives:

20 Objects - Darwin Grosse

The original and 'core' set of objects, and some great tutorials to help you get started in the ardcore world.
Also includes the folder of SnazzyFX sketches (which include the ByteBeat Folder, the 8 bit delays, bit crusher, and experimental weirdness)and the awesome FAC sketches.(DrumPlayer/Triple Lfo and Fm Osc)


Ascetic Underground Ardcore Collection

My own set of ardcore sketches, includes sequencers, pattern players, lfo's etc....
Also includes some more advanced tutorials and expander specific sketches


AlwaysNew/MagnusG's Ardcore Collection


Single Sketches:

Ardcore to Max/Processing (Firmata based)


RockWoofStones AMAZING arp sketch


Paperworks Rotating Pattern Emitter


nf's Ardbug Sketch


loss1234/dan's lo fi filter synth (requires MOZZI)


loss1234's 3sketches (arduino synth/noise synth/tutorial)


chisel316's Pseudo Random Shift Register and 4x4 cartesian sequencer ore


If you've made a sketch and i missed it from the list 1) apologies and 2) leave a comment so i can add it, lets see if we can get everything for the ardcore indexed!
Thanks for doing this...Sticky Please!
yes nice one for pulling this together!
how do i sticky??
Great stuff! thanks!
Not sure about sticky? maybe modulator can help?
yeah i would like to see this stickied as well, any moderator should have a button on the page to do it when viewing the thread (i believe)
Great to see a list here.
I'm looking for a clock multiplier sketch. Can anyone recomend a starting place?
makers wrote:
I'm looking for a clock multiplier sketch. Can anyone recomend a starting place?

ArdCore patch AC16 is a 'trigger multiplier', which is actually a clock multiplier. It's actually pretty frikkin' cool!

In the 'core' sketches listed above!
Many thanks! I'll try it out later today.
I've got a few sketches I'll be adding as I clean them up a bit. I've made them available here. Everything should be considered a work in progress. I'm using the expander a lot, though just for output and display so far.

So far I've uploaded my multifunction sketch (32 slots, but only about 10 filled so far), and an attempt to do something like meadow physics (which I've only ever read about briefly, but it does seem kind of cool as an evolving sequence/gate generator).

The best documentation is the code itself -- there's comments to explain any data structures and what the variables are for.
Just added a fun sketch to play with the oneliners from

it's in my repository as e16_oneliner

I humbly claim it's definitely worth checking out. Patch the dac to output, A0 1/4 turn cw, noise into A3 and A3 fully cw, and a slow gate into the clock. Expander not required, though it is fun to watch.
Thanks, this is great, it seems there are sketches available I didn't know about!

I don't know if i'll ever find the time to learn coding. I hope people will continue to share sketches thumbs up
Eclectics...,great additions!!!!
I've added a few more sketches to

A quantiser with user-definable scales, some random triggers and a quantiseable random looping sequencer. Docs in the README.

Still lovin the ardcore
It shows! Thanks for sharing these!
Noob question. let's take a program like AC_09 (trigger delay)

are the input level controls hardwired to control input level, or could they be reassigned to a new feature?

my thought when i saw this was to emulate the mutable peaks, where the trigger delay can also do note repeat. it's a really handy feature!
love to know if this might be possible or if anyone's tried anything similar, converting triggers to more interesting flams, and dynamically adding swing
freestylemovement wrote:
Noob question. let's take a program like AC_09 (trigger delay)

are the input level controls hardwired to control input level, or could they be reassigned to a new feature?

If you mean the controls/jacks labelled a2 and a3, then yes they are hard wired to be attenuators for the cv coming to the corresponding jacks, but they also act as voltage offset when nothing is plugged into the jacks- so you can use them to control other things.

That sketch doesn't use them, so you could set one say a2 to control the number of repeats. And you could run an LFO into jack a2 so the number of repeats would be changing, within a range controlled by the knob.
Hi everyone!
That´s my first lines here. Brand new on the forum.
I'm not very happy with the modules on granular synthesis that i've tested and researched recently. They're all 'kinda granular': g0, Nebulae, ADDAC's .WAV, Phonogene and so on...
I was thinking about the possibility of Ardcore as a tool for doing granular synthesis with modulars.
Any tips? Someone who already tried?
All the best!
This is very interesting, specially the question right above this post.
Any hints?
My understanding is that granular synthesis would need too much processing power, and would probably want more than 8 bit resolution out.

If you forgo the nice arduino framework, and go more bare metal, you can do more amazing things-- but it's much more demanding. Haven't done it myself.

Most of my explorations are in generating cv, sequencing, triggers-- and some gritty audio.

The mozzi library has many interesting examples you may be interested in.
Sorry to address it here, it just happened to be first thread about Ardcore I found. So every time I want to use different algorithm I need to connect it to the computer and upload it. Also, how essential expander is?
Yes. Unless you use one of the few multi sketches. As for the expander, it's not really taken advantage of by many sketches, but good if you're into programming.
Multi sketches are straightforward to do if you want-- it's just the same problem as with every module that does lots of different stuff, remembering how to get to and use the different modes.

The expander has the reset button which is handy so you can switch modes without turning the whole modular off and on again. It's also very useful for trigger and gate sketches, because it's eight extra outs.

In the repo I've posted above is a multi sketch. With both a1 and a2 fully ccw it's in a mode where you pick the sketch you want by dialling in 2 numbers on the expander, so you can have plenty of sketches, too many in fact to easily remember which is which without looking it up.
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