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Yamaha QY.. sequencer as small MIDI (CV/Gate) keyboard?
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Author Yamaha QY.. sequencer as small MIDI (CV/Gate) keyboard?
I am looking for a small / simple solution for live / jamming:

I wonder if the Yamaha QY10/20/22/70/100 series will transmit note on/off played by the internal micro keyboard via MIDI out so I can use it to control a few modular components via MIDI-CV/Gate converter. So far I have not been able to verify if the QY series offers this keyboard-to-MIDI functionality.
The manuals are cryptic on this issue as well.

Anyone have any experience with the QY series? These boxes could be a great addition to a modular rig if they did the MIDI out trick.

Or any other ideas for an ultra-portable keyboard to use with a modular setup? I know there is the QuNexus but it could still be smaller.
Yeah, the keyboards on the QYs will send MIDI out. I only have experience with the 10, but if that one works I don't see why the others wouldn't...

I may have to start using mine as part of my live rig... hihi
The QuNexus is indeed small, and also very flat. I had a QY10 10-12 years ago and I think it's at least twice as thick as the QuNexus.

The QuNexus is also a better CV controller, with velocity, gate, pressure, octave switch, etc. The only caveats are that there is still a small amount of slew on the CV output (which can be problematic if you plan to play very fast but not really an issue otherwise) and that it can generate a high pitched noise when connected to a laptop, depending on your configuration. I use mine as a CV controller and it works really fine for that.
Thank you for the info, guys! I will consider buying a QY when the opportunity arises.
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