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Hylander Expander?
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Author Hylander Expander?
So.. I'm trieng to figure out how I want to fill up my 4 fracs... and I've already got the Super Psycho LFO kit as well as the Mixer kit from CGS...

SO! I know I'm going with a noise ring, and a borg filter....

I'm really in need of a 2nd miniwave I think as well as....SOMEHOW doing the hylander expansion panel. Is there anyway to get one of these anymore or... even some kind of DIY? I'd love to stuff one full of different rom's and be able to select them easily... hmm. Thoughts?
Muff Wiggler

Says boards are in stock... I haven't spoken to David in quite a while but I'm sure you can get all kitted up very easily through him. He's a super great guy, drop him an email and he'll let you know what's up

sorry for the super delayed response to this thread btw. trying to catch up oops
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