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SSL V-Gates companion module? (Long Bus)
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Author SSL V-Gates companion module? (Long Bus)
Any body interested in a companion module for the SSL V-gates? Doug has an idea for an 8 input gate combiner in 5U that's similar to the Low Gain Electronics Short Bus module in eurorack. His design would improve on the Short Bus with 1 extra gate input (to match the outs on the V-gates) and 2 light up push buttons for each input (instead of a 3 way switch). This will allow bus A, B, A&B or A&B off to be selected. It would be a great way to use the V-gates as a gate sequencer without tying up a pile of EGs and VCAs. Especially helpful for runty systems like mine... He'd need to sell 10 of these in order to make it worth his while. Speak up if you want one.

Necro-thread here, but I've just acquired a V-Gates and was wondering if this ever got anywhere? I'd love a gate combiner for it, especially if it could connect behind the panel...
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