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MinWave as a wave sequencer
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Author MinWave as a wave sequencer
Part of the reason I am into the mini wave is to allow me to wave sequence its waves in any given bank. I am especially interested in creating those great PPG sounds that change over time.

Now that I purchased the PPG ROM and have started to experiment, I am finding it more challenging than previously anticipated.

When I wave sequence using an LFO (that is re-triggered on gate signal), the wave sequence in an obvious manner, i.e. one can hear the wave switch.
In order to accomplish what I am after, I might need to have the miniwave fade-out wave 1 while fading in wave 2 etc.

Is there a way to accomplish that?

Muff Wiggler
i don't think there's an easy way to do that unless you send the MW's out to a attenuator and you have a voltage that can drop and raise the attenuator in sync with the waveform crossover......

if you get MW ROMs that are designed to morph smooth (like Morpheus or Vector) you shoudn't hear this wave switching

in my opinion, the abrupt sound of waveswitching is one of the very nice things about waveform scanning applications....
im not sure of the ppg sound, but by your descript, it sounds like you're looking for crossfading or morphing. like muff said, get into a bank that has progressive waveforms from 0-15, or you'll have to use two miniwaves and a couple vcas or panner to crossfade between the two. if you dont like the hard wave switch, use stepped control voltages (s&h) to switch your waves instead of something continuous like a sin from an lfo.
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