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moon modular question 552 and sync
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Author moon modular question 552 and sync
oh ok well it doesnt send midi i tried this earlier and got nothing so it sends din

this is what itll look like then midi clock from the computer to innerlock then din to the maimi and midi to the 552

so i guess ill be getting a innerlock systems sync thingy and

so thank you guys for your help
Ah, but we're not done yet! (Well, I'm not...)

You didn't mention the computer before... so get very specific here and tell us what is driving what. Where are the notes coming from? You might not need the Innerclock. The solution may be sitting in front of you.
OK so, just for future reference:


SRSLY? wtf?
Seriously, STG, it's 3 AM on Sunday. What's with the e^2 shift we're pulling here? lol

I'd add that given this there is no way I'll be buying the Miami now. I've been falling in love my Machinedrum lately and this just confirms it... run that baby through some filters and compression and go with it.
well my computer is the midi clock (sorry forgot to get detailed my bad) and that goes into the 552 then i get whatever sequence i want to make and then i was going to send midi to the 553

so the computer makes the midi clock and the sequencer is driven by the midi clock and then i have the notes from the 553
get the innerclock sync lock if you're using a computer.
I got the sync shift and it's the best thing since SSM2044 and peanutbutter.
eh how about a midi splitter box first?

what is your MIDI interface?

you're already using the computer for sync .. just get the signal to both the moonunit and the miami at the same time.
the interface is a motu and i need a midi and din sync (to get the maimi running)
what about the mugo sync has any one heard good things about it i heard it can be iffy but just wondering what you guys think

which one? mark of the unicorn make several interfaces.

you don't need a din sync master for the miami. just set SYNC:MIDI.
Alright, sounds to me like you're doing just fine with the gear you have. I agree with STG that you need a MIDI splitter. In a previous post I recommended the Quadra Thru but there are several options out there.

So your setup would look like this:

Computer Midi Interface -> Thru box
-> Miami in slave mode
-> m553 -> 1/16 out to trigger sequencer

I wish we could do fixed width fonts... that would make the diagram clearer. To be clear there are three connections to the thru box: one coming from the computer and two outputs (one to the Miami and one to the modular).
ok i have a midi solutions t8 thru box on hand

so your saying all i have to do is hook up the maimi to that and the m553 and that should take care of it?

motu 828 mk3 is the interface that im using
Yep, you've got it.
ok then ill try it out thanks again

sorry for all the confusion and the newbie question
doesnt appear to be working ill try it out some more but right now its not working
ok turns out im a idot the maimi can take midi clock and just silly dumb when it comes to midi sorry
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