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Calibration repeatedly failing on uLFO; any ideas?
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Author Calibration repeatedly failing on uLFO; any ideas?
title says it all, using uLFO/Makenoise Wogglebug with an A-181 in a minicase and hoping to use the envelopes/ gates in Volta with my Ultralite MK3 as an microsynth while traveling for the Holidays.

getting a good strong signal, i.e. red line shows up fine, seems to track the pitch just fine, but fails every time on calibration.

Anyone else tried using the uLFO as OSC with Volta? I've since stopped trying this after reading the thread on cables as I don't want to fry my MOTU's I/O, but I'm not in a position to build cables right now. Would using TS cables cause the calibration to fail?
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