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Diy Audio Delay
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Author Diy Audio Delay
Hi @all,
one of my next diy projects would be an audio delay for integration in the cabinet.
I haven´t found anything.
Any idea where to look?

Much thx!
The MFOS VC Echo would be a good choice for a PT2399 delay
Much thx Cheradenine!
I´ll take a look (ot two) on this.
I want a delay to make "rythm delays" with sequencers but this mfos analog delay is a choice for great sounddesign!

More ideas also on digital delay´s?
For a digital one, you should ask member paults if he has some E580 board left. Not really DIY as he sell the board stuffed, but I don't know any other DIY offering for a digital delay.
There's the synthrotek EKO, which I heard good things about. And they also have a PT2399 Delay as well.

*EDIT - The EKO is a 2399 delay, it's just a modified version of their original design.

** RE-EDIT - no it's not, it's a customizable delay which can be used as a development platform, if you're into that kind of thing.
There is also the flight of harmony sound of shadows, as well as the blacet time machine, depending on your power supply.
How much DIY are you up for?

The BYOC analog delay pedal is a very nice BBD circuit. You would need to solve the panel and bracket issue, add a bunch of flying wires, hack in the CV inputs, and also sort out voltage regulation. The board itself is quite dense. So...definitely an expert level project. But it will sound a TON better than the PT2399 based circuits.
Thank you much!...many suggestions.
The blacet timemachine looks good to me but i didn't see the large pcb for 5U systems at the moment.
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