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Is the Ardcore for me?
Author Is the Ardcore for me?
I totally love this idea of 60 modules in one. I'm not opposed to a USB transfer every now and then but, I really don't like the idea of having to programme anything. I do have a bit of experience programming though it's no passion of mine and I have little free time, which I want to spent making music.

I own some Snazzy Modules and love them, but true to a lot of Euro, the lack of manuals makes life more difficult than it should be. And IMHO Dan's videos more often than not frustrate more than illuminate.

The gorgeous aesthetic of the panels barely makes up for that.

No manuals are ok with more straight forward modules like the WOW but no manual for the Ardcore or expander scares me. I really don't want a module that's going to annoy me more than anything else. I know there is supposedly lots of sketches out there already. Are they super easy to implement? Are they clear in their operation?

Should I get this module or will I hate it?

Edit: Just to confirm my suspicions, it's not possible to run more than one sketch at a time, is it?
There are multi sketches that all you to choose up to three sketches. I've never programmed a damn thing. Many sketches have info in the code telling you what's what. It's pretty easy to find your way around. I liked it enough to grab two of them.
thanks, it does sound as if it's an awesome module and not too much trouble. could you explain a bit what the expander does? at this point i'm not sure i need one. i've seen it used as a sequencing tool, not really something i need but i suppose it can come in pretty handy if i was to run 3 different LFO sketches?
The ardcore is awesome. Theres a lot of cool programs for it. The controls are documented in the program; but its pretty consistent given the architecture of the ardcore-- top 2 knobs set cv, next 2 set a cv or attentuate whats coming in, the clock input, then digital outs (gates or triggers) and the 2 copies of the audio out.

The expander is mostly about the extra gates/triggers (based on what's happening with the dac), but it's also got extra inputs and a reset button that is handy for some programs that decide their function based on knob position when they're turned on or reset-- so you can have a bunch of sketches loaded and never have to connect to the computer. I'm just getting into it.

I really enjoy programming, so I'm having lots of fun with that aspect of it too-- just making my own sketches to do what I want (even though theres better versions other people have already made).
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