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CV2MIDI in Fracland?
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Author CV2MIDI in Fracland?
Mood Organ
How would I go about generating MIDI info from CV gates and/or triggers? I guess what I need is to make NoteOn and NoteOff for note values that I specify (sorry, never used MIDI before so this is all a bit foreign)

My stipulation is that it NOT be a computer-based solution. angry

My preference is that it be Frac or stand-alone. I don't want to get into a new format for this if I can help it. help

Any thoughts or sage advice, oh fellow Wigglers?
I suppose you could use a Doepfer CV to Midi module...
if you can find one that is.
They're not in production any more are they?
Somebody on here had one modified to Frac at one point.
The resolution won't be perfect of course.
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