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Help deciding on a case/power option for my 5U system.
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Author Help deciding on a case/power option for my 5U system.
Hello again all!
I decided a while back to expand my Minimoog Voyager and make it the heart of a small modular setup. I've decided upon the MTOM/Modcan B format - Modcan primarily for oscillators, MOTM primarily for the filters (until the 5U Cloud Gen. and Morphing Terr. come out). As you may or may not have heard, Bruce at Modcan has backorders out the wazoo. Good for him! Bad for me.
I was planning on using one of those sweet white 12U Modcan slanted cabinets. However, I can't get one of these until early summer (because of the Modcan backlog). I don't mind waiting on modules until summer, but I'd rather have a case to start adding modules to now. I was thinking about buying some of the MOTM rails and getting a 19" 10U rack from I don't have space for a dotcom cabinet. The trouble is, I don't know how to power a 10U rack without having a MOTM or Modcan power supply eat up 2 or 3 units of front panel space (and I'd rather not expand to a 15U rack). Does anyone have any insight as to how this can best be accomplished?
There are many options for you and it depends on the level of DIY interest and skill that you have.

If you want something straight out of the box then the MOTM-900 +/- 15VDC or the MOTM-950 +/- 15VDC, + 5VDC are available. You can get extro distro boards from Paul at Synth Tech or also have custom ones made from Suit and Tie Guy. I have a bunch of STG ones and am really happy with them.

If you want to DIY, you can buy a power-one supply on ebay. You can get 3 or so amps at +/- 15 VDC for about $35 - $45. This is a HUGE supply.

If you don't want to eat up front panel space then you can add 19" rails to the back or buy a case that already has them installed. These are fairly common. If you go the DIY route then you can put the PSU any where that you want.
if you were to find (nudge nudge) a modcan case you would either have the power supply in the back or have plenty of room regardless. with ewi tourcases you can simply mount rails on back and then mount the power back there. pm if you want details. a number of us up here use the ewi tourcases and i think we all deeply love them (though i shouldn't speak for anybody else).
You can get a case + supply and then use MOTM-960/990s inside (the 22 or 44-space walnut ones) if you want 'classic Moog' look.

If you like more portable/stackable ones, look athe JLR photos somewhere in the forum (which I'm sure someone will post a link or copy them here).

The MOTM-19A/MOTM-900/950 is also a good choice w/NiceRacks. Many folks do this and mount the supplies 'facing the wall' on the rear.
Modcan now has a 3U rackmount supply that could be mounted on an optional set of rear rails in a Nice Racks case.

EDIT: Ah, but you would need 5v for the digital MOTM. Still, you could mount a power module on rear rails.
Thanks for the suggestions guys!
I've managed to locate a 12U Modcan B case that I'll dedicate to just Modcan modules. I appreciate Thermionicjunky's pointing out that the digital MOTM has higher voltage requirements than I had been anticipating... I hadn't noticed that. Because of the voltage demand, I'm going to have to change my plans around a bit and put the MOTM modules in a separate case. I think I'm going to take Paul's advice and do some combination of NiceRacks & rear rails with the PSU mounted facing away. I'll be sure to keep you all informed of the details as they become available!
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