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New Audio Damage Sequencer
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Author New Audio Damage Sequencer
Looks very interesting indeed!
awesome. super dope.
nearly ghost
Looks like another very powerful eurorack sequencer. So many great options available now! applause
Wow looks great more details please!
Wow, awesome! Looks like a great live sequencer.
Damn, I believe something of a sequencer orgy has happened, so many released all about the same time

This looks neat, I'm sure tons of people will have use for it. Not quite improvisational looking enough for my taste
applause applause applause applause
Jeez, first Metropolis then this! Looking forward to more info.
Looks super legit. The fact that the three cv outputs can go up to 10v means they can double as trigs/gates for drum programming.
This looks awesome. And its much appreciated when the manufacturer shows a cool module like this with hopeful release dates and info.

We're hoping for US$599.00, and about two months. But both those numbers are subject to change.[/i]
Looks like a lot of fun. I am missing something? where does the sd card go? There seems to be no slot on the front. Do I have to slide that baby in the rear? hihi
Looks great. Lots of empty panel space I hope they add a bigger robot logo hihi
hmm plocks please and sample engine and 4 tracks... Jk
I'm not kidding ... p-locks please!
As soon as I saw this I thought "Elektron inspired euro sequencer" which is what I have been dreaming about since I got into euro.
This and the Metropolis can rachet -- any others out there that can rachet easily?
carlosnyb wrote:
This and the Metropolis can rachet -- any others out there that can rachet easily?
Basically the only way this is programmed is via parameter locks. We don't call them that, though. Since it's the only way, we just call it "programming."

Regarding the SD card, it's in the back. You hardly ever will need to access it; the only real reason would be to update the OS, which isn't going to happen every day. It will store literally thousands of complete states (which are only a few K) so there's no real need to get to it often. We thought that the cost and mechanical nightmare of putting the SD card slot on the front (which we would merrily pass on to you) wasn't really warranted in this particular case. You can thank us later. :-)

Regarding getting it in ModularGrid, we haven't finalized the terminology of some of the artwork yet; I'll go ahead and send him art when I get home, with the caveat that it, like the price and release date, are not set in stone. The HP size won't change, in any event, so it will serve as a good placeholder for the time being.
Maybe I can sell my A4 and get this!!!!!!
does it have voltage controlled step select?
How did I miss that yesterday...
"There are several ratcheting features; you can program a ratchet of various lengths per step, or you'll note the 6 buttons labeled "REP." These will repeat, in order, the last 8, 4, 2, or 1 steps as a loop, or cause the step you hit them on to repeat in half or quarter time."

Now we're cooking with gas. Being able to "switch" this REP function on/off via CV would be awesome... as well as if there is any randomized/chance control over when REP is on or not, just like in Replicant. That would be gnarly as all hell.
Spent some time lobbying these guys at the Wiggler grand opening yesterday. First, some features that I didn't see mentioned:

There is one "Tuned" CV output and 3 gate outputs per preset.
It was also implied that there was a Roland System 100-style repeat feature in addition to the ratcheting, or that ratcheting could be configured to behave that way, but I wasn't entirely clear.

I think in general this is very cool and quite full-featured for the proposed price point. However, I lobbied hard for MORE THAN ONE CV TRACK IN PARALLEL, :bananaguitar:with independent lengths to allow polyrythmic behavior and overlapping, complex sequences. Throwing a clock divider in there would be nice also. thumbs up I would gladly trade 64 presets for 16 presents and turn those bank select buttons into track select buttons for editing. 64 steps is nice but I would take 16x4 any day. As always, a manufacturere has to weight features against cost and time to market, but that's my two cents anyway.
gonkulator wrote:
How did I miss that yesterday...

I was thinking the same thing...
It's because that whole area was jam packed.
Will it do legato or 303 slide?
Our intention is to have a top level of easily accessed features that are the base operation of the unit, and then a deeper level of features that comprise basically everything ever. We are not finished coding this yet, so if you have feature requests (that don't involve huge hardware changes like putting the jacks on the top, putting the SD card on the front, etc.) now is the time to let us know. I won't address all these "will it have" questions at this time, because I simply don't know the answers to most of them right now. But if you want something, the next few days in this thread are the place to ask. We won't get to everything, but if there's something we haven't thought of that is implementable, we'll certainly give strong consideration to adding it.

TL;DR: Keep 'em coming. We might do some of them. We might have already done some of them.
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