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Basic sample player module?
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Author Basic sample player module?
I recently unearthed a box of cassettes I recorded back in the 80s/90s. I dug out the old 4-track (jury-rigged a power transformer to make the UK deck work in the US) and spent a few days archiving them onto the computer. After getting over the massive wave of nostalgia, I decided that there were some real gems in there that I'd love to incorporate into my current process. Short samples (probably up to 30 secs) that can be further processed and manipulated with Clouds or the inevitable upcoming purchase of a Magneto.

So... a basic, no frills, SD card sample player that can store "a number" of these samples? I've got a Radio Music and that would certainly do the job in a lo-fi way... but what are my alternatives? The Tiptop One seems to jump out as a cost-effective and relatively flexible solution. Am I missing some simpler alternatives?
If your samples are mono then tiptop one or tg one. For stereo Disting is a great option
Radio Music is also a potentially great option.

Snapping up a used Morphagene might be the best option (loads more control).
Ahhh... the Disting is on my list of prospective purchases. I shall check out the way it handles sample playback. It's funny, I know it can do so many things... but I'd forgotten the specifics of exactly what smile

The Radio Music works well in its way. The problem is that I use it all the time creating a bed or floating in spoken word stuff... so I don't want to get into an either/or situation. The Morphagene is on my list... then off my list... then... Currently it's been pushed down the list by the Strymon Magneto. But these are "future purchases" when I have a spare grand laying around smile
2hp is coming out with one soon. You can go through the NAMM videos for a few details.
If you can wait, 2HP has a simple sample playback module scheduled for this year. Independent inputs for pitch and file selection. Interface is a bit compact if you want more hands on control. Currently have 3 TipTop Ones and I wouldn’t trade them for anything
They just released some new sample playback features and videos for the Disting btw : Disting mk4
+1 for Disting. Can't wait for reverse playback in the new firmware. SlayerBadger!
Disting is great for the clocked sample loops but from my experience there is noticeable latency. The tiptop ONE is very low latency in comparison but is not stereo and does not do the clocked loop thing. ONE also supports higher quality wav files and a larger number of samples per SD card. But on the other hand Disting can do a million things other than sampling. I am happy with both.
The ISD sampler from noise reap comes to mind.
Erica Synths Pico Drums
Hi5 wrote:
If you can wait...
I actually laughed at that. There's no waiting in modular! We needs instant gratification, precious! smile

Looks like the Disting is getting a lot of love for the sample playback capabilities. I'm not sure latency is going to be an issue for me as I'm not playing back beats or a drum rack (I think I have a plan for that involving some old kit I've got).

I'll check the 2hp offering. Thanks for that.
I went down a rabbit-hole with that Noise Reap stuff... I hadn't looked at them before. I have a soft spot for a company that says... "About the sine output. It’s nowhere near a perfect sine, but it’s pretty sine-ish."
Bastl Instruments Grandpa has some nice features:
4ms sts
Can play 2 stereo samples at the same time, any length. Very easy to choose your bank and sample. Loads of control over them. Does v/oct tracking.
Drag and drop wav files onto an sd card, super easy process to load onto the module.
No frills, just plain fun... and it sounds really good
If you don't mind a little DIY, then you should look at the WaveTrigger and Tsunami PCBs from SparkFun. I made a couple of modules using the WaveTrigger and have a Tsunami board to make one of them soon.

The WaveTrigger is ~$50 and plays Stereo CD quality tracks from a MicroSD card. It will play as long a track as can fit on the card. It can play up to 12 Tracks at once (great for building up a song from Ableton tracks). The tracks can be programmed to play in loops, on a gate high, one shot and other modes. I made a module using toggle stitches to manually play the tracks and gates to play them electronically. The latency varies on where the track is on the card and how many tracks are playing. Worse case is 12ms. The boards look like this:

All connections are made on the headers along the edges.

The Tsunami board is the same size (around 3" square), cost ~$80, and is very similar to the WaveTrigger but instead of stereo outs, the Tsunami has 8-channels of outs that can be configured as 8 mono channels for 4 stereo sets or a box of both. The Tsunami has a MIDI input built in (it is a simple add-on for the WaveTrigger) and can easily be made into a Mellotron or similar device - each MIDI note playing a track off the card.

Both of these units need to have the Eurorack gates brought down to a smaller voltage level. I used a simple diode circuit on the WaveTrigger boards but will use a simple transistor gate on the Tsunami. the WaveTriger modules looked like this:
Now that's an option I hadn't looked at... I'm all for a bit of DIY. I haven't done any serious circuit building for almost 25 years, but getting into modular, I'd decided to invest in putting together a small workbench (definitely need a big magnifier... my eyes aren't what they used to be!). I'll certainly check these units! Thank you.
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