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MOTM-650 arppegiating w/MIDI clock to M553 and syncing stuff
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Author MOTM-650 arppegiating w/MIDI clock to M553 and syncing stuff
Just a bit of fun: hihi

MOTM-650 MIDI-CV converter's arrpegiator sending MIDI clock out to the Moon M563 MIDI2CV converter and syncing up the M569 sequencer, 440, 485, 490 filters and even the 510 wavewarper and 730 pulse divider playing a part. The M564 is just being used as a divider to clock one of the M569's rows really slow.

Just awesome as usual. SlayerBadger!
This my favorite of all the JLR works that I have seen. Thank you John. Your work is excellent and inspiring. The performance and video are awesome. thumbs up we're not worthy
Nice track John!

I don't understand this though:

JohnLRice wrote:

MOTM-650 MIDI-CV converter's arrpegiator sending MIDI clock out to the Moon M563 MIDI2CV converter>>>>
Nice song, nice video. A driving sequence in the background. Makes me want to go out into the desert and just keep driving.
thumbs up
He may mean the 553.

Nice sounds John! The filters are rockin.

Are you using the arpeggiator on the "lead" line? Sounds great.

Guinness ftw! When you hit that first bass note I thought you were about to go into an updated Dr. Who theme hihi

Inspiring jam thumbs up Makes me want to hurry up and get my rig built, move to your side of the continent and join the band, man!
Cool stuff! My 650 is in the mail and on its way to me right now! Too bad my 950 hasn't shipped yet.
Great stuff as usual, John!

Now maybe you know the answer to this question. I would like to synchronize external MIDI events with events in the modular. If I patch an LFO into the 650 EXT CLK input, will the MIDI clock on the MIDI OUT follow that LFO? Conversely, is there a way to get the MIDI clock coming out of the 650, like on the AUX outs? Sorry if this is a dumb question. I can try it myself.
Very Groovey Man!
(as said using John Lennon's voice) w00t
Wow, thanks for all the very kind words! oops (I hate it when I realize I've missed out on some fine praise . . . or cash or offers for sex from porn stars . . . happens ALL the time thumbs up )

@doctorvague: yes, kindredlost is correct, it was a typo! d'oh!

@kindredlost: yes, the MOTM-650 arpeggiator was being used for the lead line. It was really fun to play that way. hyper The first couple times I went to tear the patch down I ended up playing with it for an hour or more and then leaving it up! I should of made a second video with that patch . . .

@pugix: I'm pretty sure that the only time MIDI clock comes out of the MOTM-650 is when you are using its internal clock. I do believe it is possible to derive an analog clock from an external MIDI input using an AUX out but, I haven't tried that. Take a look at the Moon M553 MIDI2Clock module. I think it makes a really great companion to the MOTM-650 and I've come to depend on both so much I wouldn't want to give up either! w00t
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