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nein oh nein
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Author nein oh nein
So I built hex inverter's nein oh nein bass drum. The thing is booming, decay works, tune decay works, noise output works, trigger works, but, it seems to me the attack and overdrive are lacking some oomph. Not sure if this is me or what, I haven't been able to find a reference to compare to. Looked over the circuit several times, seems ok, but I could be missing something vital. Any suggestions? MY ASS IS BLEEDING
most 808 and 909 samples went through some kind of post-processing (compression, EQing etc.) - hard to tell without a sample if something's wrong with yours or if it just needs a little treatment to get the oomph!...
@eolianmollisol more of a plea for help than an answer to your question, I'm afraid, but I'm having a similar problem with the Neinohnein Clap I just built. I don't know if the controls are doing what they should, but can't find any known-working examples to compare my unit against. Do you happen to have also made up one of the Clap modules, too?

There is no "reference" sound with 808s, and, i guess, to a slightly lesser extent, 909s (if you get 2 808s next to each other, they wont sound the same) so, what (in my opinion) is more important is that the clone sounds like what *you* like.

...but dont kill yourself trying to make it match a specific 'reference' machine, just for the sake of it, as that 'reference' machine wont match the next 'reference' machine, and so on! : )

Unless, of course, you want to pick a machine at random, and then match to that, one, individual? Otherwise, again, just go for what you like : )
@julian I take your point, but I'm trying to determine if part of the circuit isn't working. I'm not especially interested in it being an exact 909 clone.

ahh, ok - i should have got that! : )
No problem.

I havent built the clap. Im not particular as to whether or not it truly functions as its predeccesor....mainly wondering if the attack and distortion on this module are a bit lacking. Not sure how to test this, I recently acquired an oscilloscope but know next to nothing on how to use it for diagnosing circuits. ahhhhh yeah, learning curve baby! Dead Banana
@eolianmollisol I have the PCB and panel for the Kick, and will be building it soon, so we can compare sounds, if it helps. It's going to take me a little while, however.

I'm building the kick right now and if everything is going smoothly I will post a demo so you can compare it to yours (probably this weekend). Really curious how this clone sounds...
I just built a couple of the kicks up, one using the standard component set & one with the longer decay time etc mods.

The changes in sound provided by the attack & distortion pots on mine are quite subtle, but fit exactly how i'd want them. I wouldn't want any more range from either.
Just finished the kick and everything works as expected SlayerBadger!
Did all the mods, and for C11 & C5 used 1,5 uF, R53 changed to 22K and R58 to 12K (powering from 12V).

Made some recordings, first 5 recordings exploring each control (with 2 seconds silence between them and two together with some 606.

1 Pitch variation
2 Tune decay variation
3 Decay variation
4 Attack variation
5 Overdrive variation

6 Together with the 606 snare

7 Together with the 606 snare and cymbal

Hope you enjoy!
@Jop, that recording was super helpful. I guess there is nothing wrong with mine after all. The attack and overdrive are super subtle. aaaaaaahh yeah The Chewbacca Defense
You're welcome. Attack is indeed subtle but the overdrive I wouldn't call that subtle.
I guess what I was expecting was some fuzz, or cracklin', but I hear ya, in respects to what it does do it isn't subtle.
BatteryAcid would be the perfect company for the more heavy and fuzzier distortion the BD sometimes need Mr. Green

All great modules from Stacy I must say. I have build the kick and clap so far, and almost finished the snare. What's left are the 808 toms & BatteryAcid.
Thats my goal too, would love to have built all the modules he has to offer. I'm waiting for the mutant hi hats to come out right now twisted
Hi all,

am collecting the parts/components to build de nein oh nein serie.
can somebody please let me know what kind of part is the following in the kick mouser chart


first line of the mouser chart
thanks in advance
The NTE4006B is a 18-stage CMOS shift register.
Here is the data sheet:
You can also search for CD4006 or HEF4006.
Here is a german shop selling them: tml
There was another thread where this question was asked, and I posted a similar answer.
However, I found them at ABRA Electronics. Significantly cheaper than the German outfit. But they only ship to US and Canada. e/4006-ic-cmos-18-stage-static-shift-register.html
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