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Looking for comments on this 1U Frac rack
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Author Looking for comments on this 1U Frac rack
Here's what I want to put on my single row of Frac:

STG Mankato Lowpass Filter
STG Wave Folder
Wiard Borg OR Boogie Filter
Blacet/Wiard Miniwave

Looking for two things in particular. First, Wiard Borg or Boogie? Keep in mind that I have the Harvestman Polivoks filter (does lowpass well, bandpass not as well) and plan on getting the Mankato. Second, any suggestions as to what to put in that half Frac space that's left on the rack? I was thinking about the Metalbox 8008, Cyndustries Sawtooth Animator, or the Oakley Lag Processor. I can post the layout of the rest of my setup if needed, but which of these would any of you choose?
probably the 8008 with the saw animator a close second.

i'd also take the post lawsuit out and just get both Borg & Boogie.
Not Post Lawsuit, the Mankato, which I'm getting for it's abilities to be a quad-sine oscillator phasing and slew limiter as well as being a filter.
sgnhh wrote:
Not Post Lawsuit, the Mankato, which I'm getting for it's abilities to be a quad-sine oscillator phasing and slew limiter as well as being a filter.

sorry. read it wrong. hmm. that's tough. i hate limiting things. just get another frac rack and fill that up too. Mr. Green

but i'd ditch the stg wavefolder and still go for both wiards. mostly because you can grab the stg later and plus it's out of stock at AH anyways.
I'd really like to keep this to a total of 4U (3U of Euro, 1U of Frac) to keep the system somewhat portable.

I'm thinking about this more in the long term and not so much as what is in stock right now.
I think it looks great. i've been wanting the STG wavefolder and mankato too.

I'd prefer the Borg, but if you don't have a Moogy filter already the Boogie might be the beter choice? I doubt if there's much overlap with the Polyvoks and the Borg though.
Yeah, I'm mostly approaching the Boogie and Borg thing with "what can I get that I don't already have?" I don't have a highpass filter, and the Polivoks bandpass is just "all right." Not it's greatest strength, but not totally worthless. That's why I was leaning towards the Borg, as it has selectable lp, bp, and hp.
i've always leaned toward the Borg although i don't have one yet. mostly cause it has the cooler name. lol

but also i want the dual borg in 300 format. hopefully i can wrap up the bulk of my frac quest by the end of the year and get going on the wiard stuff.
the borg selectable mode is a continuous controller. the bandpass is not remarkably steep...and the rolloff on the hp mode seems pretty mellow too. your best bet for shaping the bandpass you imagine is to use two filters in series.

i had both borg and boogie, and kept the borg although both are great filters.
i have not used the mankato so i cant help you make a decision, except to say that each wiard filter has its strengths. the boogie output will drop with increased resonance (like the transistor ladder lowpass filter)...although i would not compare wiard to moog, because i think they sound different. the boogie also has different simultaneous outputs which you can mix to get lp/bp/hp--in this way i think it is a more versatile mixer.

the borg is a bit more aggressive of a filter, and really shakes some serious low end when its freq is turned down and its self resonant.
Something else I'm now considering is the Metalbox Tube VCA, due to it's ability to add serious tone to incoming signals.
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