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SSL - Dual Noise Module
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Author SSL - Dual Noise Module
Working on a REALLY flexible 1 MU noise module.

It will have 8 different types of noise (not yet finalized). Scratch (like records clicks & pops), standard noise, slopes, curves, glitchy, stabs, lumps, spikes, etc. There's also a separate gate output.

Did I mention that there is an audio and LF mode as well as a "frequency" control and external frequency CV input.

OH, and did I mention that the are TWO of these in 1 MU?

This thing is worth it's salt.
Is it digital noise or analog? Frequency control sounds like digital. But digital noise should have a random output (maybe the gate output?).
Oooooh, sounds quite lovely!
Bryan B
Sounds tasty!
To get all the flexibility (oh yes, it has that!) the noise is produced with a CPU, but the output is 10 bit analog. There's also a range switch, so you can use it as a really cool low frequency source.

And yes, it has a gate output in addition to the analog output.

Two voltage controlled, 8 waveform noise sources in 1 MU is the goal. Prototype boards are in house - I just need time to populate them and test the software.

And in total respect for Mr. Buchla and those other West Coast folks. it's named: "Twice Maybe".

I'll put up a panel design shortly, but would like to raise enough $$$ to get this into production, sooner than later.
Hi Doug,
Put me down for "1", please. Never enough noise...

I'm in for one.
I don't know how I missed this earlier, but I'd like one too.
Wish I had found this thread sooner.

I'm pretty interested. While I have standard noise covered, I'm definitely interested in something that can produce the sort of random scratches, pops clicks, you might get out of something like a cracklebox or a hexe melusine pedal.

Would be nice to have some sort of sync between the two sections, eg have one default routed to the other if its in low freq mode with an empty out jack, but I'd rather this come out sooner and have less feature creep.

Psyched about the possibility of pairing this with a JJPSamplecorder, which will never happen since you aren't making any more d'oh!
Vacancy Of Disco
Sounds like it's will pretty great! Almost like a skinny west coast random source (sorry I'm sure builders don't like their modules compared to other modules)
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