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** VIDEO ** Modular & DAW - of interest to Petrol Heads
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Author ** VIDEO ** Modular & DAW - of interest to Petrol Heads
Hi Guys,

Here's a euro rack and DAW piece - used quite a lot of modular + ES3 to bring the DAW into the equation - plus the other way around with the ES-2-2

If you are into fast cars and the smell of burning rubber I think you may like this thumbs up

Please ask if you want more details of what was used and how it was put

And yes… before you ask… it is me singing smile LOL

Surprised no one commented or asked any questions. waah

Perhaps wigglers don't like a thrash around the 'ring, even though it is accompanied by modular music? seriously, i just don't get it

Thought it might be of interest to all those folk who ask about controlling the modular from a DAW or playing the DAW synths from a modular sequencer….
Hey Maudibe... Yes, i'm interested!

Please tell!

I don't have any specific questions yet. I'm curious about everything and will probably have questions once I start hearing more about your setup/workflow.

Looking forward to your thoughts...
Hi Nebatar… well i's a month ago so the short term memory is starting to fade (done about half a dozen tracks since).

Fire away questions and I will try to answer.

Guinness ftw!
double trouble
Yeah, I had a feeling it might be tough to remember. Well, here are a few questions...

You mentioned using ES-3. Do you/have you used ES-5 as well?

Where are the drums coming from in your piece?

Are you using a software sequencer to sequence your modular here? If so, which one?

Also, what DAW are you using?

Anything you can remember about which sounds came from where (no need to recall specific modules though---just curious about hardware vs. software generally speaking) and what software/setup you had would be great.
Dude this is fricken great! Kind of an Orbital vibe, love it.

Are you using ES for just the clock? Or you also sending CV modulations from the DAW also?
Hi Modulus, thanks for your big thumbs up on this smile

Yea, for this track the ES-3 (well silent way) was just used to give a DAW clock to the Pams Workout, which distributes various clocks to the modular.

Thats as much as I can remember ... I could boot up the DAW project to check on that.

All the CVs are originated in the modular's PW, apart from the mentioned 'proper track' (the bit with me singing), which is something I created on the Yamaha Motif and Korg Karma about 6 years ago. I spliced this track in and it sounds quite a natural progression into and then back out of it. I amazed myself here to be honest 8_)

It was always my idea to integrate all parts of production i.e.. modular, daw (softies) and hardware workstations synths. The only thing I would like to bring in is some guitars at some point. Sometimes I also use BFD for 'real' drum sounds... no limits!

~Thanks again for asking questions and taking an interest.

Guinness ftw!
Hi Nebatar... opened the daw project to help jog the memory...

No I only have the ES-3 and ES-2-2 (the ES-2-2 lets you get an analog sequence into the daw - nice)

All the drums are coming off the Tip Top modules BD808, BD909, SD808, HH909 and claps. Triggers for these where TR and PW with some dividers along the way. Each line was recorded out to separate channels in the DAW and EQ'd and compressed separately. Distortion was added in the DAW using the tape sim thing (can't remember its name but it is excellent - part of Cubase plugs)

I use Cubase 7.5 to provide soft synths (padshop-pro mainly which itself has some sampled e350 as grains) and midi stuff - in this example for the poly stuff/chordal work, although this is also augmented by an e350 and MFB Osc-02 via a SEM20 which is sequenced off the pressure points / brains, if I remember correctly. There is a repetative mid frequency sequence that comes from the tiptop z8000 playing a dixie through a Borg dual filter and a bass line seq that comes from the Metropolis playing a tiptop z3000 through a Borg2 or MA35 , some random modulation and bend added occasionally and a Modcan dual delay to get it bouncing. (again not 100% sure on this, but I usually put the mod can on lots of things!)

The odd bit of ear candy was added as wavs from my epic collection of over 20 years in the making. LOL - it is huuuuuuge. Unfortunately none of it properly named, otherwise I could sell it for a small fortune smile

The " aint no sunshine' bit was added to break things up and is a completely separate production - it is just a small extract from a 5/6 minute piece. It was created in cubase 5 with a Motif and Karma. It is layered into this piece with complimentary EQ, so it seems quite natural and seamless.

Hope this helps, - done the best I can recall.

Best, Maudibe

Edited to add: the bits that sound like funk guitar are not. they are dixies filtered... waH!
Okay, cool. Thanks for the info!
really dope. I like the initial bassline sequence A LOT. Reminds me a lot of Todd Terje. That's a Metropolis sequencing the z3000?? I have never gotten that kind of sound out of the z3000.
really dope. I like the initial bassline sequence A LOT. Reminds me a lot of Todd Terje. That's a Metropolis sequencing the z3000?? I have never gotten that kind of sound out of the z3000.
i think these kind of threads belong into the "my track" (or whatever its called) sub forum.. thumbs up
Hi JosefK yea, depends on the envelope/vca/filter - also heavy EQ in cubase along with using the Envelope and Compressor modules in the channel strip. This can add silly amounts of punch.

I tend to roll off the bass under 30Hz too, this can let lots of stuff through that is otherwise normally swamped out.

Very cool, thanks for sharing!
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