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ADDAC207 transpose?
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Author ADDAC207 transpose?
I know this has been talked about in other threads and Ive read the section in the manual a million times but I still don't get it d'oh!
any one cba to make an attempt to explain what the hell it does?
What I really want is to use the assign input to ctlr the key/octave key is that possible? for instance switching between major and minor thats what I really wants so not really transposing
We are speaking about the


maybe my problem is related to yours. well, there are several problems:

- if you managed to set the assign button to e.g. transpose (key change) & try to modulate the transpose with CV you'll only get changes if you press the update key after some CV came in
I wanted to test it with octave, but encountered once again this problem:
If I press both 4 and 7 sometimes the menu of 4 pops on sometimes the menu of 7. In the menu 4 one changes the interval of Note 4 (I guess) and only one setting can be set - that's how I know I'm in menu 4. In menu 7 only trigg.r can be turned on and off by pressing 7. That's how I know that I'm in menu 7. So it is pretty hard to get into the assign menu 4&7. One user said it's easy for him. Yes, I know I have to press 4 & 7 at the same time - trust me, I do my best! I'm sober & fully motivated.
Sometimes I get in a "menu" where no buttons are light & no button can be light. Don't know what menu that would be.
- Other problem: I guess some setting must be set at the moment, even if I can't get to the menu, but with pressing update I get no changes at all!

The assign-input is essential for me, because.... well isn't it pretty obvious? We are here to modulate stuff.
I wish I could manage it to do what it says in the manual + without always having to press update + some scale shifting tricks like uscale. At the moment I tend to sell my addac 207 again & buy uscale, but Andre came up with a way to update the 207 by yourself couple of days ago. So I'll wait a little in hope Andre hears my SOS. sad banana

btw: NOTE 2, NOTE3 & NOTE4 in this 4&7-menu = setting the interval of the respective notes? If one could modulate that it would be already a part of uscale's shift trick as my limited musical theory understanding tells me.
yes and I am too confused about the note 2,3,4
when I use the transpose (selected button 1) I can see the scale changing but I am unsure what it is changing into? since it is not just pushing the scale in one direction but it is changing in multiple ways hmmm..... cant figure out what exactly it does Bop!
I think I've figured it out and I managed to "transpose" from a minor to a major and visa versa. It does what it says it moves (pushes) the root note and the notes snakes its way down through the keyboard, you just need to set the 0 volt in the assign input to a major It's peanut butter jelly time!
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