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JAG utility modules... expansion ideas?
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Author JAG utility modules... expansion ideas?
So I have had this Wiard JAG since back when they were produced.

I am curious how any one else might be using it.

Lately, I have been running a combination of:

Wiard Noisering

Blacet Binary Zone

Wiard Joystick/Trigger


Blacet Mini-LFOs

(also LFO and EG from Arturia MicroBrute)

into the x/y inputs

and outputting into Blacet Mixer/Processor then into Blacet Time Machine, Wiard Boogie Filter and/or 2 Blacet Darkstar Chaos modules or the various wave inputs of the Microbrute...

This has been fun, but I am wanting to up my technique with this module - the JAG (Joystick Axis Generator).

Anyone want to share any tricks or tips on how you use the Wiard JAG?

Thanks in advance!
I like using the JAG to mix 2 different EGs, and then route the different outputs to various VCAs in the patch. The JAG really shines in larger systems where you have enough interesting cv destinations to maximize its awesomeness.
Hermetech Mastering
loads of mults and attenuators and vcas an absolute necessity, I found. then it really can do just about anything!
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