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BoardWeevil chaos oscillator
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Author BoardWeevil chaos oscillator
What if the BoardWeevil was an oscillator? What would that sound like?

Lets see

What's going on here is that the Weevil is acting as the input for a tuned BBD feedback loop. A kind of Karplus Strong on mescaline. So the BBD provides the pitch but the Weevil provides the (en)harmonic content.

The drone voice is my effort to create a space digeridoo using the E350 Morphing Terrrarium and AFG, both being modulated by a complex looping envelope.

All live, all modular (except the 'verb)

Lick those fingers.
That was very nice. Some good sounds going on there!
Very nice! I'd love to see the patch.
Damn that sounds awesome.
blungo2 wrote:
Very nice! I'd love to see the patch.

Cheers! The patching is pretty basic really. On the Weevil side of things, the audio out goes into an A-188-1 BBD (the 256 version) with a high feedback level setting and the keyboard CV modulates the clock frequency directly. The result goes to a VCA controlled by a slow envelope gated by the keyboard.

The drone voice is a mix of an AFG putting out an animated pulse and an E350. The E350 is in Bank 2 and a complex envelope is modulating the Z input around the male formant waves. One of the comparators in the complex envelope is gating an ADSR which blips the frequency of the AFG regularly.

And that's about it. The biggest problem is I don't really have enough hands to work the keyboard, the weevil and the modular all at the same time. So I think for the next outing I'll probably generate the keyboard CV and gate in software to take that out of the equation nanners
Nice nice nice!
I wish the PTDelay was capable of such BBD action (doesn't really cut it)

Yep, and I know the feeling of 'I NEED MORE HANDS'!
Very cool!
I enjoyed this. Refreshing! thumbs up
Thanks umcorps!
I hope to have a BBD in the near future, so i can somewhat approximate it with my new board weevil.
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