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ADDAC 800X High end outputs
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Author ADDAC 800X High end outputs
Anyone have these? outputs

I know there is a thread on the 200X but what is the difference.

Comparing this to the Vermona Twin outs, which is electrical like the Cwejman, but the ADDAC is transformer based.

Is it worth the added cost difference?
I have no information regarding this module just wanted to chime in to say that the comparable Vermona module is transformer coupled as well.
it's beefy.

I haven't been in a proper setting to compare the various high end output modules but have yet to hear any complaints.
Looks like the transformers themselves are around £50 each! Couldn't be a bad thing.
Looks good! Although its close to same price with Cwejman Audio interface which has inputs also...
Hi All,

Having had this in my rack for a month or so now, I can say it's great. Really super clean output, and once you get gain structure set up, you never need to think about it.

I don't like talking about 'sound', but I can say if anything it's neutral and musical, not some 'beefed up', tubby transformer sound.

The cue headphone amp is really helpful too - but know this feature is on a couple of other modules as well.

In summary, it will never leave my rack - same as my dual delay. cool
Anybody has a clue how much mA this baby sucks?
No info on the addac product page...
ADDAC = SlayerBadger!
What do you mean, Monads? In my experience they've been one of the best in terms of getting back - what email address are you using? hmmm.....
I've used the contact form on their website. I have not contacted recently, but in the past I had to write a few times to get a response, the same goes in getting a reply after establishing contact. They're just slow or forget.

Update 01/30/18: ADDAC has definitely improved customer inquiry/support since my original posting!! applause
I gotta say they have been really helpful and patient with my many annoying questions, and kept 2 modules for over 2 months until I had the cash for them. Quick to reply too, can't fault their customer service.
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