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FM with PAiA?
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Author FM with PAiA?
Hi, I can't decide whether to expand my EURO rig or get a PAiA.. I like the DIY thing about it and it's cheap.

Did someone try FM-ing one? it's got "soft" sync and linear FM input but I'm asking If it works in practice? By FM I mean nice , musical FM as opposed to very noisy/ unpredictable.

Perhaps Blacet would be more suited to it??
If I have the time I'll screw around with my 9720 tonight and post the results.
thanks, that would be helpful we're not worthy

how would you describe the 9720 compared to other stuff you used?
I'd like to hear the 9720 doing FM, still mean to add one of those to my set-up one day, everything I've heard of them has a nice wonky character, so, I dunno if;

baboo wrote:
By FM I mean nice , musical FM as opposed to very noisy/ unpredictable.

Will be totally suited to the PAiA, I'd go with a pair of Blacets. 100% solid, will do DX bass sounds to total carnage noise. Expo or Linear FM, AC or DC coupled.
Sorry sorry sorry for the delay, from the neck up I've been away.

These are a bit lack luster, I'm not sure what would illustrate these features best. That being said:

OSC B Pulse into OSC A Sync in (Riff is a Binary Zone), detune, then plug in sync, unplug, repeat:

OSC A into OSC B FM, Saw out FM'ed with first saw then pulse, triangle and sine:

Same as above but OSC B Pulse out (Tri LFO into OSC B PW for some movement):

Again, with OSC B Triangle out (I twiddled OSC A freq for some movement):

It would probably sound a lot more interesting if my 9720 had the suggested mods to extend the range of the freq pots. And if the FM input was varying in some way for movement. I'm not a very good Test Lab Evaluation Tech. seriously, i just don't get it

Let me know if there's anything specific you want to hear, modules willing, I'll try to replicate it.

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