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Problem with OAKLEY MidiDac Issue 3
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Author Problem with OAKLEY MidiDac Issue 3
green onion
Hi all,

This week I finally got my studio back after having had to sublet this for a while. I set up my small Oakley / MOTM system again. This includes the Oakley MidiDac (Issue 3.)

All worked fine for about 15 mins. after which the MidiDac suddenly stopped responding to all incoming Midi notes. The Gate and Legato leds now stay lit continuously. The Tune pot still affects the audio signal.

I changed the Midi cable, tried another Midi keyboard, changed the cable from MidiDac to the MOTM 900 Power Supply, connected the MidiDac to different connectors on the power supply, sadly all without success... and I've ran out of ideas. I asked Paul Darlow if this problem rang a bell but he has no idea... I'm not a techie and have no scope or other electronics tools.

I bought my small starter system used last year, and the modules have all been built by the previous owners' father, who soldered professionally all of his working life. Therefore it seems unlikely that it's due to a bad soldering job. I can't get in touch directly with the builder.

Any idea as to what is happening here?

Many thanks in advance for your reply!
just a wild shot here.

Perhaps you accidently send some sysex to it that messed up the midi in it.

I had at several times a bad tuning in midisynths and other weird stuff because some syex ended up in the midiport to a synth.

I really had to upload a new firmware to the synth to set it back.

Maybe there is a midi message or code you can send to reset the midi inside to factory settings?
If the LEDs are solidly lit then you probably have a problem with the PIC. This is the main chip that controls the whole module. Only it has control over the LEDs so it is unlikely to be a problem with the analogue parts of the circuitry.

Occasionally PICs die for no reason whatsoever. Sometimes you can reprogram them but it's normally safer to replace with a new one.

Send the old one back to me and I'll check it. If it's dead I'll replace it for 10GBP including postage. If it's not dead then you probably have a fault with another part of the circuit.

Or you could buy another PIC from me at 10GBP which would include postage. This would save you waiting for the old PIC to get to me, but it wouldn't test the old one.

Either PM me or e-mail at the usual contact address.

Sysex messages should not affect the PIC and it should ignore anything that isn't note or CC related.

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