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Picture of Jubilee (By popular request)
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Author Picture of Jubilee (By popular request)
Reasonably Hi res picture of my Oakley synth called "Jubilee"

Don't want to make it too clear as I don't want you stalky/phishy types to steal my signature spinning

Haven't sprayed the keyboard blue yet seriously, i just don't get it

Very tasty.

What kind of PSU set up are you using?
I'm using two PSUs and four Dizzies

the PSUs are separate (no common ground at the mo)

Power one 1.7 Amp for the middle tier (VCOs VCAs and VCFs) plus some mostly audio modules

Anonymous PSU 3.4 Amp (I don't want to advertise it - I had to fix it upon delivery as it didn't work) for the "dirty" modules - MidiDac and LFOS, ADSRs etc

Really beautiful. So did you special order the blue panels from FPE for your DIY builds or from Krisp1 if he built them?

it really does look awesome.
All respect to Paul

I built the modules but got the panels from Schaeffer (FPE - Europe) - my only regret is that I wasn't able to experience the modules before I built them.

If I had I would have had a much better idea about which modules I wanted and would have ordered the panels all in a batch.

That way they would have been better colour matched - Schaeffer are fantastically responsible about that within a single panel-batch order.

Worth bearing in mind.
Very nice - I'm sure you'll get much enjoyment from that Guinness ftw!

Some nice looking woodwork too!
the woodwork is even nicer from the side
American white oak.

We cant get Oak in the UK anymore - so my wood supplier was telling me
Very pretty indeed Godric.
I'm planning an additional tier with some sequencer modules and Tony's new Vocoder


And I'm hoping he won't use the EMS vocoder as a model - All respect to Tim Orr for his later work - but it wasn't his finest moment
I missed the vocoder announcement. I'll have to dig for some details.

That's great info re. the color matching.
It's beautiful! To me, the slightly varying shades of blues make it look even nicer, somehow more alive and "organic". It probably sounds as nice as it looks. we're not worthy

Thank you for sharing the picture.
the only Credit I can take for this is putting PCB's in the mail

That's a Beautiful modular Godric Lotsa Love

I would think one of the finest Oakley Sound modular's in existence screaming goo yo

I think you will need at least a few side cabs for all the new modules Tony has planed for the next few years Mr. Green
Awesome! thumbs up 8_) hyper hihi
decaying.sine wrote:
I missed the vocoder announcement. I'll have to dig for some details.

Godric is having a little tease. razz

There is no Vocoder planned. sad banana

But it is true I have long wanted to do one. Who can say when I could manage to bring it to fruition. Right now, I'm working a whole bunch of things and I'm not going to say too much about the brand new modules just yet.

Is this DIY? Where did you get the faceplate's made?
Here's another couple of pics (I painted the keyboard blue) - I so love all the feedback I'm getting from you nice peeps. nanners

Sorry for the scurrilous rumor I started Tony seriously, i just don't get it

He he
Totally, totally sweet! I usually don't like colored panels, but when you keep them all (almost) the same color, it really works.

And as sexy as all the real modules are in that cabinet, what really gets me all juiced up is the inclusiong of that utility strip! I don't know why cabinet manufacturers don't get hip and include them in every system. Build them in, 'cause we all need them (or at least can use them).
This is a sexy beast, yes it is! thumbs up
awesome, even the patchcables are blue smile
I bought the last batch of these blue jackplugs - they had one of those "available until stocks exhausted" comments. Couldn't resist once I saw them. Already had the blue cable from a previous project.
this thread made me curious! thumbs up
Better late than never... just seeing this thread for the first time. Excellent work, Godric! Love the blue.
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