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Tayda stripboard reeks
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Author Tayda stripboard reeks
first order from Tayda - wow, the stripboard reeks. worried about some kind of toxic chemical residue.

Can I wash these boards with something without any ill effect to the board? isopropyl alcohol?

for the pcb etching folks, any guesses as to what the chemicals could be? Im not familiar with etching or anything like that - I'd imagine its some residue from that process.
Yes cheap strip board can smell bad, alcohol wont harm it, but i do not know how well it will clean the smell off.

It used to be most circuit boards smelled before they started using fiberglass instead of paper.
Oh man, yeah they do. When I've ordered them I pop them all out of the bags at once and just set them outside for several days. The smell doesn't seem to ever go away completely but you have to stick it right up to your nose to notice (like I just did right now, blergh what a dumb idea).
CJ Miller
A lot of electronics parts use dubious processes and chemicals, many of which smell nasty. I usually wash things starting with, in increasing order of stubbornness: dish detergent, alcohol, and acetone. If these don't work, just try keeping the stuff where it can air out.

A couple of years ago, I ordered a bunch of cheap breadboard jumpers from Goldmine. They smelled so bad that I had to leave them in my garage for about a year before I could even think of using them.

Sometimes spending a little extra on less toxic versions of things can be well worth while.
can't help but get the feeling this is a bit like the whole lead-free solder fracas, now that we're finding out the flux is actually what's killing us. sure the fiberglass is bad, but what they're putting on the paper certainly smells worse. just started to buy the old-school stuff for my copper clad from this cat in new hampshire - fiberglass and a joy to work with, no odor whatsoever.
How bad it smells is a lousy way to measure how toxic it is.
mskala wrote:
How bad it smells is a lousy way to measure how toxic it is.

Fair enough, but the first whiff I took - right under my nose - I immediately felt a little funny after that. Wouldn't have thought twice about a bad smell if that didn't happen. In the end, I guess you get what you pay for - it was only like .60 cents. I'll probably just let em air out for awhile - thanks for the suggestions.
If they are the brown circuit board material, they are probably "paper phenolic", which is wood pulp and Phenol formaldehyde resin. The resin smells. Washing them might help a bit (and won't hurt them), but it takes time for the odor to leach out.

If you have an old toaster oven not used for food you could try baking them at a low temperature for a while and then stick them outside to air out.
Just wanted to add that I also picked up a 830 point breadboard from Tayda and it is unusable. You can angle the leads after you've inserted them and somehow miss connecting to the bottom - my power rails don't show consistent connections. The breadboard brand is listed as Ever-Muse if anyone sees them elsewhere.

I'll probably just stick to Alpha pots from them in the future.
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