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best eurorack distortion modules?
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Author best eurorack distortion modules?
Travis Morgan
ftr i ended up getting the great destroyer
but i haven't had much time to play with it yet

hopefully i'll get a bunch of free time over the holidays while i'm off work to see what this thing can really do
I just got hold of a grainshift and it makes an unholy racket pretty much unlike anything I've heard from a mod before, I call it the Ligeti effect.
It will distort, but it will also tunnel a sound through Hells dimensions, especially when used with dubjr to amplify the effect.
It really turns drones into something else.

I was expecting it to be like diskord, it probably is. But the things it's been doing in my rack I haven't heard come out of the PC. Think I might have to get a priest in to take a look at it.
doepfer A137 and wmd geiger counter screaming goo yo
wmd ultrafold get the job
Any pedal interface (black locust, in out, alm sbg, etc) with a dod distortion pedal (death metal, corrosion, grunge, etc.) will destroy.

I am not happy with euro distortions so far
The Dwarfcraft Great Destroyer is an amazing pedal. I've never used the euro version, but I definitely feel like assigning CV to some of those parameters would be amazing. I've also heard nothing but good things about the Retro Mechanical Labs pedals and he's offering a few with CV now.
In Eurorack there is Strakal Brulu TouellSkouarn V2 with good feedback
Hey all. I'm actually looking for a Euro Distortion/Overdrive module and came across this thread.

Unfortunately, there isn't anyone who'd done a shootout of the various modules (not that I could find anyway), but it looks like these are some of the popular ones:
    Synthrotek 308
    RYO Optodist
    Dreadbox WL Drive
    Feedback PRE CR
    Vermona VCDrive
    Sythrotek Harben Octave Fuzz
    TouellSkouarn Strakal Brulu
    Dwarfcraft Devices The Great Destroyer
    Oakley Overdrive
    Hexinverter Battery Acid
    ZVex Fuzz Factory

NOTE: there are many other modules that add drive/distortion to a signal, but the ones above are purposely built overdrive circuits.
Not a modul but modular: After checking a lot of overdrive/distortion option I kept the Dreadbox Epsilon, which offers some patch points as well.
Does anyone make a EuroRack Big Muff?
L-1 Tube Vca have an amazing tube-based distortion:

soggybag wrote:
Does anyone make a EuroRack Big Muff?

I keep thinking converting classic pedals into Eurorack modules is going to become a trend... but it doesn't seem to be happening. There have been a few. The Synthrotek 308 is essentially a Pro Co Rat. The Suiseki Phase Shifter is essentially an EHX Small Stone. There are a handful of others as well, but its not a pervasive phenomenon. There are also a few modern pedals that have been converted to Eurorack, e.g. LoFi Junky, Geiger Counter, etc. I'd love to see a Eurorack Phase 90 or DS1 or TS808 or...
That's really cool they make a Fuzz Factory in a Eurorack. I've made a few of these for guitars foot pedals.

The circuit is simple. I wonder what's involved with bumping it up to a +-12 supply?
Before every synth module gets listed here...

It's like asking what is the best spice for cooking or the best color for painting.

Also, technically any module that modifies the input is distorting the signal.
Guinness ftw!
Been trying to recreate an effect and am having some issues. Basically what sounds like heavy distortion / fuzz on a bass voice with reverb.

I'm using a DPO (left side) sawtooth into an maxed out Optodist on limiter mode into a Moog-style filter, however rather than getting that thick distortion it just sounds louder with some high fizz. Wondering if the Optodist is too subtle, or if I'm missing something (not the right waveshape? modulation?). I'm also wondering whether what they're doing is splitting the bass voice into a heavily distorted and a clean one and mixing that together.

A good example of the sound I'm trying to re-create is
5:07 on Abu Mogard Half Light of Dawn
...or most of Tim Hecker's distorted bass sounds on Ravedeath, 1972.

I've also got a few dirt pedals (RAT, Fuzz Factory etc...) which I could try but don't currently have anything to bring my output level down.
carlotter wrote:
Been trying to recreate an effect and am having some issues. Basically what sounds like heavy distortion / fuzz on a bass voice with reverb.

I'm using a DPO (left side) sawtooth into an maxed out Optodist on limiter mode into a Moog-style filter, however rather than getting that thick distortion it just sounds louder with some high fizz...

With the raw waveform into the distortion, all you'll end up doing is clipping the saw into a square. Where things start getting more interesting, is when you put the distortion later in the chain- try putting the filter before the optodist! Then maybe osc>mixer>filter>distortion and mix some of the distortion output into the mixer for added variation via feedback. Try the distortion after reverb or delay too!

Also, you should play with your pedals- you can use any vca, attenuator, or even the optodist to drop the level. But you can even try without dropping the level, it might still sound good.
Aaaah, I see, ended up with a square wave which is why it didn't sound that it's more interesting to distort more complex sounds!

That's great, lots of configurations to try.
Found what I wanted through the means of feedback loops! Optodist is definitely not too subtle!! Although I am lusting after a Great Destroyer....
EarlJemmings wrote:
Noise Swash got me started in Euro really. I saw that and the Malgorithm and I was sold. Didn't get it until a few months ago, but it's great. As a sound generator, it's great to get it in a sweet spot and let it go in the background, and running anything through it is amazing. Leave it some room to breathe, and it will deliver. I believe the Mood cv out is chaos based, or at leased close to it. Great stuff. Put that into a quantizer or s/h for melodic fun. I'm getting a live set figured out based around running drums into it, loving the sound.

I really need to start understanding my Noise Swash more. I DIYed mine about a year ago, It was also my first module, but I’m only just getting back into after searching on here about it and reading every thread I could find. I’d actually forgot that you can put audio through it and have just been using it as an oscillator!
I’ve also got the Atoner which I seem to understand a bit better. If anyone here wants to give me some pointers for using the Swash then I’d appreciate that.
how hard is the DIY noise swash btw? definitely wanna give it a try after seeing Pete Swanson use one!

for distortion I'll ususally run my system's output through my russian Big Muff that I've modified a bit, but I'd love something CV controllable! been eyeing the fuzz factory, plague bearer, and Erica Synth's "fusion" line of tube-based stuff - a tube ring modulator or chorus/flanger sounds amazing.

I'd like to give the 308 a shot because I love Rat pedals, but I'd also like to avoid supporting that company.
the noise swash is not that hard to diy.
(it was one on the first modules I made)
and it is so much fun!

not only as an effect but also as a very weird noises and tones generator!
Came across this thread while searching for overdrive modules. My favorite distortion is to overdrive an EHX memory man (there's a preamp in there). Sounds really gnarly, and it would be convenient to have something with that same character, but CV controllable.

It's probably just a basic opamp distortion, but it's a sort of sound that is kinda hard to find in all the distortion modules i've checked thusfar
soggybag wrote:
Does anyone make a EuroRack Big Muff?

yes, Frequency Central does the Meth Amp, both as DIY and built modules
actually pretty surprised no one has mentioned the Bastl cinnamon. Cool filter that can overdrive in really interesting ways. I've got my eyes on a Timber, also from bastl. those dudes make interesting stuff.
Snazzy Hi-Gain!
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