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best eurorack distortion modules?
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Author best eurorack distortion modules?
Travis Morgan wrote:
thinking of expanding my rack to include some more fx type units
so i can elimnate having to bring additional pedals for live situations
anyone have any comments on some of the distortion modules that are floating around currently

What type of distortion? Harmonic (tube) or inharmonic (transistor)?

Either way this is my fav overall euro distortion atm -
Snazzy FX HI Gain

underrated and fucking glorious
There's a quad PB up on reverb at the moment SlayerBadger!
Bataserpa wrote:
Any pedal interface (black locust, in out, alm sbg, etc) with a dod distortion pedal (death metal, corrosion, grunge, etc.) will destroy.

I am not happy with euro distortions so far

seconding this, though i have a couple nice ones (hi gain!), overall I find most analog eurorack distortions just don't get as fucked as pedals do

my metal muff, dod grunge and death metal, boss metal zone, etc... all get way rougher than euro distortions

I wonder why this is
intellijel polaris has excellent saturation options, really can get extremely chaotic. of course, you can always boost a signal before the saturation module for even more saturation Miley Cyrus
A Doepfer A-137-1 can be picked up for cheap but it is definitely not cheap in sonic output
I'm surprised that not a single person has brought up any Metasonix modules yet. The RK2, 3, and 4 are wonderful for creating distortion and disarray. The R-56 can also distort a signal, be used for reverberation via a spring tank, and can be used as a PreAmp. The R-57 can distort and hard clip any signal beyond recognition, as well as work as a dual PreAmp. You can't get that quality of distortion anywhere else. I don't think the Erica Synths or Trogotronic tube modules sound nearly as good as Metasonix.
soggybag wrote:
Does anyone make a EuroRack Big Muff?

Bit late in the day but Frequency Central does
I’m greatly enjoying the Mystic Circuits Portal.

Three output options and it goes from controlled
to crazy in a pretty sensible manner. Love it so far.
Seems to get a lot of negative comments on here but I like Dark Matter by Bastl I like the tone controls and the feedback loop can be loads of fun, especially with the built in envelope follower.
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